Thursday, August 12, 2010

You are never going to believe this one...

After my exhaustive travels for the last two days, I decided to call it a night at 9:00 last night. It was lights out, good night Irene for my be 9:30. It was wonderful and I slept so well. Until 3:37 this morning.

I know the time because I looked at the clock. Something woke me up. Just enough to make me roll over and be annoyed that I was awake. Then I heard the POUND POUND POUND on the door. The beagle took off like a rocket barking and running toward the door. And for any who have met Abby, you know we have trained her not to bark. Someone was pounding on our door at 3:37 this morning.

I wasn't about to get up so I made Chris do it. He looked out the peephole and saw the police. That's right THE POLICE WERE POUNDING ON OUR DOOR at 3:37 this morning.

After a brief chat, the cop asked to come in and look around. I was in bed, dressed inappropriately for company, thinking he was thinking we were harboring a fugitive or something. Then he came in our room with his mini-maglight and this was the following conversation:

Cop: "I went in right around here" pointing to the wall in our bedroom with his flashlight.

Chris: "Then where would it be."

Me: think to myself, "this is weird. I must be dreaming, and that cop is cute. Must be thinking of the CA family."

Cop: "Can we go in there and aldkfaienngareiwno;" Yeah, I didn't catch all of that either.

Chris: "Sure, but there's not much room in there, it's my wife's office and we've got boxes everywhere."

Me: thinking to myself again, "getting weirder by the minute."

a few scratches on the wall, a little more unintelligible conversation then they walk in to the hallway and I hear this:

Cop: "...the bullet..."

Me: rudely interrupting, "I'm sorry did you just say bullet?"

Cop: "Yes, ma'am."

Me: laugh really hard as if to communicate that it's just another day in the life of Jenna.

Cop leaves, Chris comes back to bed and says this:

"So apparently Wheelie Tom downstairs was securing his weapon--a .45-- when it accidentally went off and shot upward through the wall at a 45 degree angle in his master bedroom. The bullet is either lodged in the wall somewhere or on the floor in your office. If we find it, the police want us to call them so they can come retrieve it as evidence. Goodnight"

To which I reply, "Ok. Goodnight"

5 minutes later, "why does he have a gun in the first place?"

10 minutes later, "why was he securing his weapon in the middle of the night?"

11 minutes later, "does anyone around here besides me understand that guns don't accidentally shoot themselves?"

12 minutes later began all the "what-ifs"

14 minutes later, the jokes started rolling with the uncontrollable laughing, causing the bed to shake making us both laugh harder. I am sure the rest of the neighbors loved that part.

By 4:30 the lights were back out and we tried to go back to sleep.

My life is nothing if not interesting!


  1. Um, yes, interesting to say the least!! I hope they find that bullet.

  2. So...basically he was coming in to make sure neither of you had a gunshot wound? I'm thinking those washer/dryer boxes are looking pretty good as housing for these last two sleeps!! :-)

  3. OMG, interesting is NOT the word I would use, but go with it! You didn't hear the gun go off? Weird, weird, weird, glad you are moving away, far, far away!

    The day is finally here!!!!!