Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hold your horses!  We aren't quite ready for the "GO" part.  It is both literally and figuratively "premature."  And to be honest, with every passing week, it looks increasingly likely that it won't be a shotgun, surprise, "honey it's time" kind of moment.  My OB is still talking about inducing me after the 37 week mark (which is March 29, in case you are curious).

The beauty of it all is that there is no more fear about the moment, whenever it comes.  After an impromptu overnight stay in the Labor and Delivery unit of our hospital, we've learned a few lessons.  The bags are packed, list is made, nursery complete, necessities purchased, Pediatrician chosen (we have a meet and greet on Tuesday!), No more feelings of "holy you-know-what, we don't even have a car seat yet."  And thoughts of "where on earth are we going to change his diaper."  And I'd be remiss to leave out the, "what the heck are we going to dress him in to come home from the hospital??"  Nope, checklist is complete.  The only thing we are missing is formula, but we want to wait and see what the Pediatrician recommends, and also, many people have recommended that we...ummm..."use" as much as the hospital will "give" us.  Evidently they keep the shelf stocked so if you pretend that you just gave birth to a really good eater, they just keep refilling the stash.  Just bring a bag with lots of extra room in it!!

Chris and I are both very ready for this chapter to be complete.  While we want Bryan to stay put for a few more weeks, we are also very anxious for his appearance on the outside and to begin our journey as more than just The Puckstopper's Wife.  In as few as 33 days, I could be the  Puckstopper's Wife and Baby Mamma.  That's just funny.

Here are some pictures of our finished product.  Please don't judge the model in the car seat.  Her name is Diana Petula and she will be 29 on November 1, 2012.  It's the best I could do.  Enjoy!!

That's the blanket that my Aunt Diane made for me out of Grandma Melanie's old shirts.  It's very comforting  to have it in there, keeping watch of my little nugget. 

Yes, I know the "friends" can't stay in there when we bring Bryan home!  And Aunt Diane made that blanket for Bryan!  Our friends are jealous that they didn't have anything like that for their kids.  How lucky are we, to have such talent in the family?!?!

I don't have a stitch of MSU or CMU garb. My rocking horse (made by my Grandpa Jack) is dressed in Texas A&M  gear. My eyes hurt a little.  We need to fix that.  

Nope. No more worries.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Living for today

2012 is a whopping 50 days old and I've done a lot of living in those 50 days. 

In 50 days, I have traveled to Michigan twice, Chicago for a night and Dallas for four nights.  I have picked up two new clients, had two baby showers, house guests for a long weekend, and celebrated our second annual "let's not watch the Super Bowl together" party with our friends, Christie and Alan and their two kids (we eat, watch commercials, visit and have fun, but don't really pay attention to the game).   I've had shopping time with my sole mate, Lisa, and today went for pedicures and lunch.  And that's only half of the story...the fun half!

Now for the not-so-fun half.  In 50 days, I have failed a glucose screening test and had to take the really awful 3-hour glucose tolerance test.  But I passed that one! I've had swelling in my legs and ankles making my toes look like sausages and my ankles look like knees, and heartburn caused by things like air and water.  Sheesh. Thank goodness for Tums!!  And then came last week. 

A week ago today, I told Chris that I thought I'd call my OB in the morning in that my swelling wasn't getting much better and I generally wasn't feeling well.  After living through my best friend giving birth at 27 weeks, I wasn't about to take any chances.  Well, Monday came and with it came it's typical "holy cow, where did this do-to list come from" workload.  Before I knew it, it was 4:00 pm and I hadn't called yet.  So I picked up the phone and dialed only to learn that the office had closed at 4:30.  I left a message with the answering service for the OB on call who quickly called me back and asked that I go to Sky Ridge (the hospital where I will deliver the baby) just to get checked out.

The good news is that I am NOT leaking amniotic fluid and the magic swab test indicated that I have a 99% chance of NOT delivering the baby in the next two weeks.  The bad news is that I was having contractions every two minutes and didn't know it.  Oh, well, that and my blood pressure was through the roof.  After sitting in the Labor and Deliver triage room for 5 hours, they decided to admit me in that after a dose of medication, my blood pressure was still too high (yours would be too!!) and I was still having contractions.

So, Monday I stayed the night in the hospital.  I saw the OB who admitted me on Tuesday morning, and she discharged me at 9:00 am on Tuesday morning.  The really good news is that we totally chose the right doctor in that practice...we did not love this woman.  On Wednesday I had my regularly scheduled 30-week check up with my OB, so the timing was perfect.  Except that at that appointment, my BP was still really high, and now there was protein of +1 in my urine.  My only medical qualifications come from Gray's Anatomy and several seasons of ER so I don't know exactly what that means, but the words "preeclampsia" and "bed rest" were thrown around.   As was the term "deliver safely at 36 weeks."  No wonder my blood pressure was high!  I was to return for follow up on Friday.

I was instructed to be on bed rest (which my Gray's Anatomy degree altered to "just take it easy") and take my BP several times a day.  So, on Friday afternoon we headed back to the OB.  In the interest of swollen fingers that don't love typing, I'll leave out the part of "she had to go deliver a baby but you can see the nurse practitioner part" and skip ahead to "my OB is so awesome she did a conference call from the Labor and Delivery unit so that she could talk to us and the nurse practitioner."  Whew! 

So, at that appointment, my BP was slightly elevated (again, yours would be too!!) but within the normal-ish range and my pee-in-a-cup had no more protein in it!!!  That's great news.  No more "bed rest" but I still have to take it easy, and now I begin weekly appointments about 4 weeks early.  And that's totally OK.  There still seems to be the consensus that they'd like to deliver me early, but not until after 37 weeks.  And, I "should be prepared for bed rest after any of these appointments."  Which is totally fine.  As of right now, nobody's health is at risk or in jeopardy (except maybe my sanity). 

So today was lunch and a pedicure with Lisa.  Yesterday Chris and I put the finishing touches on the nursery (that's a blog for later this week!!).  And I go back to the OB on Wednesday.  I get one weekend at a time.

And for the next 5-9 weeks, I am going to enjoy every minute of our quiet little life with just the two of us.  It's funny to think that in that short amount of time, everything will change and it won't be just the two of us anymore.  So, between now and when Bryan comes out to play, Chris and I have decided to enjoy every minute of our time together and really appreciate the quietness, and our time together with little responsibility other than two dogs.  How lucky are we?!?!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Painting the Mackinac Bridge

It's truly an endless task.  As soon as the painters finish, it's been so long, they have to turn around and start all over.  We are experiencing that today.  Only with snow.  I went to bed at 10:00 last night and there wasn't even half an inch on the ground.  At 8:30 this morning, this is what we had:

Chris shoveled the driveway and by the time the task was finished, there was just shy of half an inch where he had started.  Thankfully we got the first 10" off the driveway.  Sometime this afternoon he'll have to do it again.  The problem is where to put the next 10" they are forecasting.  Check out this pile!!  

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have the most wonderful family and it extends beyond the McFarlane and Rowland clans.  My gratefulness for for the generosity of our families is more than many people could ever dream of.

My baby shower was last weekend and I can't believe the thought and time that went into all of the gifts that our little nugget received.  From the amazing tote and diaper bags FILLED with homemade perfection from my cousin Allison (read more about that here), Aunt Diane, cousin Leslie and  Aunt Diane's mom, Grandma Betty, to the quiet playtime activity, the socks that stay on babies, perfect bibs, homemade stuffed animal, and the thoughtful "I think you forgot to think about this, and I know because I have 4 kiddos" bag of gifts, and the incredibly generous (and always appreciated Target gift cards) I am overwhelmed by all the love from my family.  

Chris and I will be assembling the baby's room this weekend with a monster blog to follow.  But in the meantime, I'd like to share the few pictures from the baby shower along with one surprise.  If you were there, it's not a surprise.  If you weren't, well, I think you'll pick it up pretty quickly!  

Best friends since 5th grade.  Thanks for being my sister, Angie! I love you.

The clone of my cousin, Allison.  Her daughter (and bundle of perfection), Avery.

Aunt Diane made the crib blanket for us. With the perfect shade of green!!

Avery wanted to be my special helper. And who can resist that face?!?

10-week old Miles. The last addition to Angie's family, and baby #4 for her!