Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have the most wonderful family and it extends beyond the McFarlane and Rowland clans.  My gratefulness for for the generosity of our families is more than many people could ever dream of.

My baby shower was last weekend and I can't believe the thought and time that went into all of the gifts that our little nugget received.  From the amazing tote and diaper bags FILLED with homemade perfection from my cousin Allison (read more about that here), Aunt Diane, cousin Leslie and  Aunt Diane's mom, Grandma Betty, to the quiet playtime activity, the socks that stay on babies, perfect bibs, homemade stuffed animal, and the thoughtful "I think you forgot to think about this, and I know because I have 4 kiddos" bag of gifts, and the incredibly generous (and always appreciated Target gift cards) I am overwhelmed by all the love from my family.  

Chris and I will be assembling the baby's room this weekend with a monster blog to follow.  But in the meantime, I'd like to share the few pictures from the baby shower along with one surprise.  If you were there, it's not a surprise.  If you weren't, well, I think you'll pick it up pretty quickly!  

Best friends since 5th grade.  Thanks for being my sister, Angie! I love you.

The clone of my cousin, Allison.  Her daughter (and bundle of perfection), Avery.

Aunt Diane made the crib blanket for us. With the perfect shade of green!!

Avery wanted to be my special helper. And who can resist that face?!?

10-week old Miles. The last addition to Angie's family, and baby #4 for her!


  1. Oh, I am so touched by your blogs. I am so glad that you included pics of the shower. Wonderful friends and fun kids. It was such a pleasure having everyone together.

  2. The shower was so much fun:) I'm glad you felt the love of all your family and friends. Your radient smile says it all.

  3. Congratulations! Can't wait to see more pictures. You look amazing!

  4. awww!! So exciting :) Nothing better than being surrounded by love! You look so great! Love seeing preg pictures :) So awesome to see long time friends together too :)