Wednesday, June 30, 2010


IGAN! We are half way though this week, which means half way to Michigan!! With our vacation on the near horizon, I am already mentally packing my suitcase! To run or not to run...that is my question. Maybe the more realistic question is "will I run?" Today was a bit discouraging in that I felt like my bones were going to shatter during my run. I was only about 5 minutes into the uphill battle before I turned around and came home having decided that maybe Yoga would be a better idea for today.

So, I am going to finish up my day a little early today and head down the hill to yoga. It's good exercise and much easier on my body. Weird that I say that and know that my muscles will probably be sore from it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am so excited! I know it's been too long, but try and keep up. We have a great apartment on a golf course and we face west with unobstructed views of the Front Range and the 9th green. It's incredible. My new "thing," now that I have new shoes, is to walk up the hill and jog down it. And I use the word "hill" very loosely. It's a 5% grade for you mountain lovers...that means you have to downshift on the way down or you run the risk of burning up your brakes. This spring, it took me 20ish to get up the hill and 15 ish to get back down. It is exactly 1 mile each way. Needless to say, I will never be a marathon runner! This morning, sun shining, birds chirping and hot air balloons in the air, I made it up in 16 and down in 12. I am so excited about that. It's a real achievement for me.

My friend Lisa Z. asked me to run a leg of the Denver Rock-n-Roll Marathon Relay with her. It's in October and she said I could run the short leg, but it's still 4.1 miles. Should I do it? YIKES! What about my foot? Can I handle it? What am I afraid of? I think I can. I should try. I'll get back to you!

BBQ chicken with dirty red skins for dinner tonight! Should be yummy...if I can handle the heat of grilling outside and having the oven on for an hour!!!