Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy HallowAnnivThanksgivMas

Blogging hasn't been my thing the last couple of months.  Between all my travels (six out of 8 weeks was WAY too much) and having company in October, finishing up the racing season and stuff, it's just been a little nuts around here. I'll try to be better as we close out the year, but no promises!

I can't even remember September, so I'll skip it.  In October, I finished that darn half marathon that made me start to hate running. Between the pain, the asthma and the other problems that got in the way of my training, I can only take pride that I finished 2 half marathons in a year.  I even finished both of them without an ambulance...the second required a stop at the medic tent for an unyielding asthma attack, but other than that, I finished on my own two feet...just a little slower than I would have liked.

We had Bryan's 18-month check up in October, and he grew up, but certainly not out.  He likely reclaimed his label, but nobody cares in that developmentally, he's "measuring" closer to 27 months than 18 and has a rapidly expanding vocabulary.  And his fine & gross motor skills are developing quickly too! Who cares if he's really skinny?  He's otherwise very healthy.  I'll take it!  Thankfully, my sister-in-law is willing to let us have the 12-month pants back for Bryan.  I have a feeing my nephew and Bryan will be in the same size pants by April!  That's OK.  I'll take smart and skinny any day of the week!

After all that and celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary, we rounded out the month with Bryan's first Halloween costume (he dressed as his lovey, "Frasier") and his first trip into the mountains.  And his first real snow experience.  It was so much fun.

We are gearing up for a small Thanksgiving at our house, followed by first Christmas here and then we head to MI for a week to celebrate second Christmas.

Bryan's list of words include: Abby, apple, baby, bye bye, hi, night night, no, yes, uh-oh, beep beep, moon, cracker, juice, cheese, more, please, thank you, Elmo, Dur Dur (Frasier), Bert (as in Bert & Ernie), and by the time I pick him up from daycare, there will be another, I am sure.  Seems like a word a day lately.  Some more decipherable than others!

Here are some pictures of the last couple of months!  See you all soon!