Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The evolution of Another Mother Runner

I have started the blog this morning about a dozen times.  With as many topics buzzing around in my head and distractions galore, it's becoming increasingly difficult to focus on anything but the next 23 days.

My birthday is Monday and I'll be 36.  It's rather anticlimactic this year in that there's a much more important birthday that I am waiting to celebrate (and ideally not share, but if nugget wants to share his b-day with me, well, who am I to argue!).  I just don't know when it will be, exactly.

It got me thinking.  What was I doing at this time last year?  What were my thoughts?  I know I was running, but how was I running?  Blogs are great reminders.  Exactly one year ago today, I posted this blog.  I was counting down to what, at the time, I considered the most important milestone of my life (right behind marrying Chris, of course!).  I was 47 days away from running a half marathon.  And also preparing for my birthday.  And it was the best birthday I had had in a really long time.  Years probably.  Not only was the weather spectacular, but I ran more than 6 miles all by myself.  And came home to tulips and birthday presents...which was pretty special.  It was the first time in five years that Chris and I had been in a financial situation where the giving of gifts was affordable for us without putting the squeeze on another part of the budget!

And since that blog post, I participated in the country's second-largest 10k race, the BolderBoulder, setting a personal record, and then pretended to run another half marathon in Vail in August (remember, I had just found out I was pregnant and was told to not run at that altitude), and that's when everything changed.

Here I am, 30 weeks post Vail pretend half marathon feeling like that was a lifetime ago and having difficulty imagining how I will ever do that again.  But I will.  And I will run as soon as the doctors clear me do to so.

Lisa K. Introduced me to Another Mother Runner quite a while ago and I have a new addiction to the two mother writers and their amazing stories.  Especially since one of them lives in Denver.  I feel a kinship with her even though we've never met.  I am saving their books (I own both of them!)  until I am officially a Mother Runner.  I have the runner part down...and the mother part, well, I can wait 23 days for that.  I don't want to, but I can!

Sometime in the next 23 days, I will become Another Mother Runner.  And I can hardly wait!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am (like) Peyton Manning

Well, it's official.  NFL superstar quarterback, Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco starting with the 2012 season.  I am not a huge NFL fan.  I've always followed the Lion's without getting too much into it.  And Chris LOVES the Dallas Cowboys.  And because the Lions are mostly terrible, I also like the Denver Broncos.  But I don't get upset when I miss a game.  It's not hockey.

I am really good at what I do.  Sure, there are people who do what I do and do it differently.  Some versions of different are better, some are not.  But I am an excellent bank marketer.  And I have the statistical numbers to prove it.

Peyton Manning is arguably one of the best NFL quarterbacks to have ever played the game.  Some QBs may be different, and that different maybe better, or not.  But like me, Peyton Manning is excellent at what he does.  So good, in fact, that he signed a 5-year, $96 million contract to play for the Denver Broncos.  That got me thinking...and calculating.

There are an average of 50 offensive plays per team per NFL game.  And there are exactly 16 games in the regular NFL season.  Let's say Peyton never gets us to the playoffs (Here's hoping I'm wrong on that one!).  That's approximately 800 times he will touch the ball in 2012.  He'll make $19.2 million per year.  That means that he will get paid $24,000 every time he takes a snap from his center, or more exactly, $1.2 million per game (regardless of the number of snaps he takes).

That $24,000 per snap is almost half of my annual salary.  In my world, there are a lucky few who do what I do and reach the C-level of a bank and will make a six-figure annual salary.  They are Peyton Manning's of bank marketing.  That is not my choice. I chose consulting.  I choose to work from home.  I choose to work for a small family company.  And do not regret my choices. I LOVE what I do.  Peyton Manning chose football, he chose to continue to play after a season-long injury.  He chose to play for a new team rather than bow out after 14 years in Indy.  And I can only assume he loves what he does.  The disparities in our excellence are not that far reaching.  It's only compensation that makes us different from one another.

In all honesty, I'd demand a raise if every time I stepped foot in my office a 300 pound dude was running at me full throttle with the main objective of knocking me flat on my you-know-what.  Do I wish I made millions? Sure.  But it wouldn't change who I am, what I do, my values, or the things that are most important to me.  I'd still give back to my community, only I'd give more in financial assistance to the things I love in addition to the time I give.  That's why Peyton Manning has a children's hospital named after him whereas I have a plaque on my wall for my dedication to Junior Achievement.  See.  We aren't so different at all.  He just has deeper pockets.  And I'm not famous. But we're nearly twins if you ask me.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Golden Nugget

I've been calling Bryan "nugget" since before we had a name for him.  I am not really certain of when or how I came up with it, but it stuck.  For me anyway.  I don't think Chris calls him nugget.  Nor anyone else.  But I like it and for as long as he's on the inside, he can't be embarrassed about his mom calling him "nugget" in public.

I had a sonogram yesterday to take a better look at our little nugget in that my OB thought I might have to give birth to a toddler.  The good news is that she was wrong!  He's a perfect, right-on-track with an estimated weight of 5 lbs, 10 oz.  So, if he gains an average amount of weight and I carry him to exactly 40 weeks, he'll be about 8 lbs!  Doesn't get much better than that...or does it?

It does.  It really does.  There seems to be some consensus that my "blip on the radar" with regard to the whole preeclampsia/bed rest thing was really just that.  It was a hiccup most likely caused by all of the traveling I was doing in January and February.  For most women, it's not a huge issue, but I was having to re-acclimate to the altitude change every time left and came home.   Which was A LOT in those six weeks!  Once I got home and stayed put, my blood pressure stabilized and the regular contractions subsided.  I still have a lot of contractions, but not more than 4 in an hour.  And when I have 3 in an hour, I can avoid the 4th with a big glass of water and resting on my left side for an hour.  It's  like magic.

The even better news:  There's ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to believe that I will have or will need to have this baby one day or one minute before he's full term.  There will be no induction scheduled and any labor before 36 1/2 weeks will be stopped.  Apparently, babies born at this altitude (and higher) before the 36 1/2 week mark have difficulty breathing because of the lack of oxygen.  I hadn't really thought about it, but it makes total sense.  Babies born at 34 weeks in MI have few complications.  Babies born at 34 weeks in Denver have more breathing/oxygenation complications.  But I am 35 weeks today, so that's a good thing.  Only 2 weeks before there's nothing to even think about.  I can say with 100% confidence that I will have an April baby.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you.  No more drama for this pregnant lady!!  Oh, and some pictures of Nugget for you...the 3-d machine makes him glow orange-ish gold.  Hence the Golden Nugget! I think he has Chris' nose.

He loves to have his little hand over his eyes.  And he's sort of smiling in this picture!

With a little assistance from the technician, our little golden nugget moved his hand.  And he already has chubby cheeks! I love it!! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BFFs and Belly Laughs

I know I've gushed about how fortunate I am to have such a great network of girlfriends all over this country.  I have been sent BOXES and BOXES full of baby stuff (I know, I've mentioned that too!!) from four different states, four different friends, but all the same love.  Yesterday's box was, by far, the most interesting.  It was from my BFF since fifth grade, Angie.

Angie has four kiddos.  The twins, Luke and Lydia just turned four in February, Eloise was two in October, and Miles was born in November.  Needless to say, it's a busy house for sure.  I have a special love for those kids.  Maybe it's because of who their mom is and how special she is to me.  Or maybe it's because the twins were born at 27 weeks and I was there two days later (holy terrifying!).  Since we were eleven, Angie and I have shared everything.  She knows all my secrets, and I know hers.  We've shared many tears and even more belly laughs.  It's been a great ten-ish years (I can pretend I am 21 again, right?!?!).

Well,  yesterday I received a text from Angie saying that she had sent a box.  Text is the easiest way for us to communicate in that she's chasing four hooligans (her words, not mine) around the house.  After several text exchanges, the box showed up at the front door.  The first laugh was me saying "I thought you sent the box today, not that it would be delivered today!!"

And then I opened the box.  As I dug through piles of super cute (and very tiny) clothes for Bryan, I sorted them into sizes.  Lots of newborn stuff that Luke wore for a long time and the Miles came out too big to ever wear, and several 0-3 month outfits that are too cute for words!  Then there was the sample of Similac newborn formula that had expired in September (giggle #2), and the sample of Enfamil newborn formula with coupons that have Angie's name on them (giggle #3) but aren't expired.  And then, at the bottom of the box, the most gigantic belly laugh I've had in a really long time.

I should back up.  My closest of friends have shared with me the need for granny panties at the hospital and for a while (read: undetermined amount of time) after I get home.  And all of them have said "and I tried regular bikini panties or maternity panties but had to go buy granny panties anyway."  So, I took the advice, much to my dismay, and bought two packages of the darn things.  I even picked out pretty little patterns in hopes that they wouldn't be quite's the word I am looking for?...disturbing.  How do those things fit inside of pants? Maybe my pants are all too small, but I am pretty sure there's not enough room for my buttocks AND these panties inside of my pants.  But I digress.

The purpose for these granny panties has been described as dual purpose.  First, if I end up with a C-section, the top will go over the incision.  That sounds like a good enough reason.  Second, it's been said that I'll need the extra real estate to hold the pads that I'll have to wear.  And yes, I bought pads.  That was a little disturbing too.  Furthermore, EVERY single one of my girlfriends who told me about the pads has mentioned that the ones they give you at the hospital are huge.  But nobody has told me exactly what they mean by "huge."

Well, as only Angie would, she saved one for me.  She stole an extra one from the hospital when she had Miles in November.  Knowing that I was pregnant, and knowing that nobody told her about the details of the now  infamous pad, she thought it would be a good idea to fully prepare me for the horror that is "The Pad."

So, my friends, I leave you with this.  The most precious hand-me-down I've received in all the boxes my incredible friends have sent.  I introduce you to THE PAD!

Yes, that is a full 12" ruler.
All I can think now is, "well, at least I won't be shocked when the nurse hands me The  Pad."  It's for my own comfort, right?  But I am pretty sure that I will burst out laughing, and probably text Angie to let her know that  I too have fallen victim to The Pad.  I can think of worse things.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mommy Preparation

Everyone knows there are parts of pregnancy that prepare you for being a parent.  Or for being a Mom at least.  I can't really see how Chris is benefiting from any of this "preparation" unless you count his new found ability to deal with "tears for no reason," grocery shopping and sleeping deep enough to never hear a peep.

So, as I enter the final weeks of pregnancy (a max of 6 weeks left),I thought I'd share with you some of the things my body is training me to do in preparation for Mommyhood.

  1. To function on very little sleep.  I am averaging a total of 4-6 hrs per night, and not all at once.
  2. New Found night vision allowing me to move about the house with stealth like capabilities without turning on a light...especially to the bathroom and kitchen and back to bed.
  3. The ability to ignore the urge to kick something really hard out of anger.  Not that I would have anyway.  But now I ignore the urge better.
  4. Find new and creative ways to reach things when you can't really reach them.  I assume this comes in handy in cars, restaurants, airplanes, and other compromising places that my son will drop his favorite something-or-other.
  5. The ability to change sheets and pillow cases in the middle of the night and clean up the corresponding mess that caused the need to do so.  Think reversal and overheating rather than an export of sorts.  
  6. The ability to be REALLY annoyed with another human but taking 10 seconds to think about it before responding to it.  
  7. A rekindled love for kid-friendly meals like PB&J and cereal.  
  8. The ability to feel really terrible, sick, fat and lazy with terrible indigestion, all caused by my son but loving him so much that none of that other stuff really matters.  
I know that every tear shed, toilet seat hugged, Tums eaten, shoe thrown, and blood pressure reading taken, will be a distant memory soon enough.  As soon as Bryan can come out and play, it will be an entirely different ballgame with more love and reward (and I am sure heartache and mistake) than I can even begin to imagine today.  I can't wait to meet this little nugget!  Even if I do have to reverse dinner every-other night for the next six weeks.