Monday, March 5, 2012

Mommy Preparation

Everyone knows there are parts of pregnancy that prepare you for being a parent.  Or for being a Mom at least.  I can't really see how Chris is benefiting from any of this "preparation" unless you count his new found ability to deal with "tears for no reason," grocery shopping and sleeping deep enough to never hear a peep.

So, as I enter the final weeks of pregnancy (a max of 6 weeks left),I thought I'd share with you some of the things my body is training me to do in preparation for Mommyhood.

  1. To function on very little sleep.  I am averaging a total of 4-6 hrs per night, and not all at once.
  2. New Found night vision allowing me to move about the house with stealth like capabilities without turning on a light...especially to the bathroom and kitchen and back to bed.
  3. The ability to ignore the urge to kick something really hard out of anger.  Not that I would have anyway.  But now I ignore the urge better.
  4. Find new and creative ways to reach things when you can't really reach them.  I assume this comes in handy in cars, restaurants, airplanes, and other compromising places that my son will drop his favorite something-or-other.
  5. The ability to change sheets and pillow cases in the middle of the night and clean up the corresponding mess that caused the need to do so.  Think reversal and overheating rather than an export of sorts.  
  6. The ability to be REALLY annoyed with another human but taking 10 seconds to think about it before responding to it.  
  7. A rekindled love for kid-friendly meals like PB&J and cereal.  
  8. The ability to feel really terrible, sick, fat and lazy with terrible indigestion, all caused by my son but loving him so much that none of that other stuff really matters.  
I know that every tear shed, toilet seat hugged, Tums eaten, shoe thrown, and blood pressure reading taken, will be a distant memory soon enough.  As soon as Bryan can come out and play, it will be an entirely different ballgame with more love and reward (and I am sure heartache and mistake) than I can even begin to imagine today.  I can't wait to meet this little nugget!  Even if I do have to reverse dinner every-other night for the next six weeks.


  1. I am sorry that your last month and a half have not been the best. Knowing what you get in the end is a great bonus. Hang in there, you can do it, and think of all the cute clothes you will dress Bryan in. Plus...the spare room will no longer be spare!

  2. I can tell that you have your eye on the prize. That is the way we all get through the tough parts. Keep your sense of humor...that also helps so much:)

  3. Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, reverse dinner! So funny, only you could come up with that phrasing.

    It really is countdown time and it sounds like both you and Chris are right on track in your preparation. You articulate well what and why you are learning such interesting things now, they will serve you well in the future.

    Continue to see the bright side of these last days....soon, soon, soon, you will trade in hugging a toilet for hugging Bryan.