Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The evolution of Another Mother Runner

I have started the blog this morning about a dozen times.  With as many topics buzzing around in my head and distractions galore, it's becoming increasingly difficult to focus on anything but the next 23 days.

My birthday is Monday and I'll be 36.  It's rather anticlimactic this year in that there's a much more important birthday that I am waiting to celebrate (and ideally not share, but if nugget wants to share his b-day with me, well, who am I to argue!).  I just don't know when it will be, exactly.

It got me thinking.  What was I doing at this time last year?  What were my thoughts?  I know I was running, but how was I running?  Blogs are great reminders.  Exactly one year ago today, I posted this blog.  I was counting down to what, at the time, I considered the most important milestone of my life (right behind marrying Chris, of course!).  I was 47 days away from running a half marathon.  And also preparing for my birthday.  And it was the best birthday I had had in a really long time.  Years probably.  Not only was the weather spectacular, but I ran more than 6 miles all by myself.  And came home to tulips and birthday presents...which was pretty special.  It was the first time in five years that Chris and I had been in a financial situation where the giving of gifts was affordable for us without putting the squeeze on another part of the budget!

And since that blog post, I participated in the country's second-largest 10k race, the BolderBoulder, setting a personal record, and then pretended to run another half marathon in Vail in August (remember, I had just found out I was pregnant and was told to not run at that altitude), and that's when everything changed.

Here I am, 30 weeks post Vail pretend half marathon feeling like that was a lifetime ago and having difficulty imagining how I will ever do that again.  But I will.  And I will run as soon as the doctors clear me do to so.

Lisa K. Introduced me to Another Mother Runner quite a while ago and I have a new addiction to the two mother writers and their amazing stories.  Especially since one of them lives in Denver.  I feel a kinship with her even though we've never met.  I am saving their books (I own both of them!)  until I am officially a Mother Runner.  I have the runner part down...and the mother part, well, I can wait 23 days for that.  I don't want to, but I can!

Sometime in the next 23 days, I will become Another Mother Runner.  And I can hardly wait!!


  1. You and nugget continue to be in my prayers for a healthy arrival/birthday. It sounds like you are in a great place mentally and the 23 or so days will fly by. I am looking forward to lots of pictures.

  2. 23 days! It was not that long ago that we were keeping the secret. Sue is right, the next 23 days will fly by. Dad and I want them to fly by too. WE can't wait!!

  3. What a difference a day makes.....easy words to an old song....what a difference a day, a week, a month, a year.....and what a year of days it has been! We are all counting, and sending the best thoughts to our Colorado family ( not to mention to the two sets of new grandparents).

  4. Jenna...I'm all teary-eyed! You'll be back as a mother-runner in no time.'ll officially be a MOTHER runner this time around. :) Just think, you, the nugget, and the jogging stroller. Maybe you'll run into Dimity one day!