Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hold your horses!  We aren't quite ready for the "GO" part.  It is both literally and figuratively "premature."  And to be honest, with every passing week, it looks increasingly likely that it won't be a shotgun, surprise, "honey it's time" kind of moment.  My OB is still talking about inducing me after the 37 week mark (which is March 29, in case you are curious).

The beauty of it all is that there is no more fear about the moment, whenever it comes.  After an impromptu overnight stay in the Labor and Delivery unit of our hospital, we've learned a few lessons.  The bags are packed, list is made, nursery complete, necessities purchased, Pediatrician chosen (we have a meet and greet on Tuesday!), No more feelings of "holy you-know-what, we don't even have a car seat yet."  And thoughts of "where on earth are we going to change his diaper."  And I'd be remiss to leave out the, "what the heck are we going to dress him in to come home from the hospital??"  Nope, checklist is complete.  The only thing we are missing is formula, but we want to wait and see what the Pediatrician recommends, and also, many people have recommended that we...ummm..."use" as much as the hospital will "give" us.  Evidently they keep the shelf stocked so if you pretend that you just gave birth to a really good eater, they just keep refilling the stash.  Just bring a bag with lots of extra room in it!!

Chris and I are both very ready for this chapter to be complete.  While we want Bryan to stay put for a few more weeks, we are also very anxious for his appearance on the outside and to begin our journey as more than just The Puckstopper's Wife.  In as few as 33 days, I could be the  Puckstopper's Wife and Baby Mamma.  That's just funny.

Here are some pictures of our finished product.  Please don't judge the model in the car seat.  Her name is Diana Petula and she will be 29 on November 1, 2012.  It's the best I could do.  Enjoy!!

That's the blanket that my Aunt Diane made for me out of Grandma Melanie's old shirts.  It's very comforting  to have it in there, keeping watch of my little nugget. 

Yes, I know the "friends" can't stay in there when we bring Bryan home!  And Aunt Diane made that blanket for Bryan!  Our friends are jealous that they didn't have anything like that for their kids.  How lucky are we, to have such talent in the family?!?!

I don't have a stitch of MSU or CMU garb. My rocking horse (made by my Grandpa Jack) is dressed in Texas A&M  gear. My eyes hurt a little.  We need to fix that.  

Nope. No more worries.


  1. You have done a beautiful job with Bryan's nursery. It is wonderful that you have so many things with memories. I spent hours rocking you in that chair. I am so anxious but I can wait for another six weeks or so.

  2. JENNA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the wall color!! Isnt it so CRAZY to sit in that room, and try to imagine what it will be like when "Bryan" is there ( Love the name) Thanks for sharing :) Hope you are feeling good!!

  3. The room looks great. You will all enjoy spending time there. Enjoy these final weeks of just you and Chris.

  4. What an exciting blog, this is REAL! I hear a sense of relief in my words, that is good. You really are ready and you have a safe and comfy room, for you now and Bryan after the 29th. That is one sweet room, so many special things.

    Recheck your list for a change of clothes for Chris, and something roomy and comfy for you to wear home! Experience speaking!

  5. Love the bedroom Jenna. I am so excited for you guys!!!! Oh yeah.....and to add to Jessica's list, pack a second outfit for Bryan. Just in case you have him in the oufit, then have to change his diaper and there is an accident. I can assure you it would definitely not be the first time a baby didn't go home from the hospital in the planned outfit......experience speaking. ;)
    Love you!