Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Permanent Change

I haven't slept well in several weeks.  Even if I take Tylenol PM to help, I still am not sleeping well.  I get up during the night to use the bathroom at least twice, sometimes three times.  Our husky shakes, our beagle snores, my feet itch like crazy, the baby kicks every time I roll over, and Chris, well, he breathes on me.  Crazy, I know.  I don't think I fully appreciated how well I was sleeping BEFORE I got pregnant.  And then it occurred to me that my days of sleeping well have probably ended for the next twenty years or so.  Maybe longer.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not a very good sleeper anyway.  I thought I heard "everything" and tossed and turned a lot.  Well, I think I may have underestimated the quality of my pre-pregnancy sleep and now I am kicking myself for not getting one last hurrah!  Although, I don't know how I would have done that anyway.

I think my body is saying to me, "you better figure out how to cope with less sleep now, because in three months or less, it's going to be even less than it is now."  And that's OK.  I am ready.  Mostly. I think.

I am finding it very interesting that as I am crossing things off of the baby preparation list, I sleep a little bit better.  In fact, last night, I only got up twice to pee and woke up this morning feeling refreshed and well-rested.  Chris said I tossed and turned a lot, but I am not sure how he'd know that...he was snoring loud enough that he woke the beagle.  And if I know this, I wasn't sleeping.  Maybe I got an extra hour and that was enough to recharge my batteries.

Or maybe my feeling of being well rested is because the baby's room is ready, with the exception of putting the mattress in the crib (we are waiting for a mattress pad and crib sheet), and hanging the stuff on the walls.  And we have hired a cleaning service that starts tomorrow.  That's been stressing me out.  I can't lug the vacuum up and down the stairs anymore, and I know I am prone to slack off a little when I am tired...which is most of the time.  So, this makes sense.  For now anyway.

Regardless, change is in the air.  And walls.  And beds.  And bellies.  And it's here to stay.  Good thing I like change.  A lot.  Especially this one.  It's going to be an exciting few months.  Just the time we are waiting for the trees to bud, my family will have fully blossomed.  I cant 'wait!!

Hurry up, Nugget! Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet you!!


  1. What an insightful blog. It is not fun getting up in the night, but when your son is depending on you and there is so much love in your heart, you will embrace it.

  2. Your mom is correct, of course. Embrace that quiet, calm piece of the night that will be you and your son's alone, no calls, no guests, no outside demands, just the two of you. That said, that time can be the best part of parenting, for you and/or Chris.

    Really glad you hired cleaning help. Looking back, I wish I had done that so I could have had more energy to be a mom and wife. You and Chris are making such great decisions!

    See you soon! Hugs

  3. AHhh!! I am so excited for you Jenna!! I can NOT wait to talk to you after baby gets here!! Sleeping while preg isnt easy, and even the first..well, really 15 months after baby wasnt easy, but now at 30 months ( seems like al ife time right??)sleeping is back to almost normal..maning, I think as a mommy you will always sleep lighter..but you for sure DO get rested :) PS POST A BABY BELLY PIC MAMA!!! :)