Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Crib is Coming!! The Crib is Coming!!!

And it will be here tomorrow!  Thank you Mom and Dad!  I can't wait to take a few pictures once it's all in there.  Oh, and in case my life wasn't exciting enough, the painter will be here on Saturday to give us the price and schedule a time to have the room painted.  Here's my inspiration:

Our crib and dresser are a similar color, but our flooring is mediocre white short-shag-ish carpet, but still looks OK.  No red chair.  That thing is smaller than it looks, I checked it out! I love Dr. Seuss and all the fun, yet educational, lessons his books teach!

I had my 24 week check up today.  All is well.  Baby's heartbeat is pumping away at 144 beats per minute.  And according to my OB, it's easier to hear when my bladder isn't so full and if he could sit still for a minute.  I guess he gets that from me.  He's an active little nugget of me and Chris for sure!

To add to my excitement of completing the nursery, next week I am in Michigan for two nights for work (one in MP), then home for a week then back to MI for my first baby shower (HUGE thank you to Jessica and Sue for so generously offering to host a shower for me).  Then home for a week, then in Dallas for a week for work and the Texas family and friends baby shower for me (Thank you to Chris' aunt, Vickie Rowland for offering to host one down there for me!).  And I am trying to get a trip in before the end of February to Augusta, Georgia for what I hope will be my last client visit before the baby is here!!  But other than that, I don't have any plans.


  1. So exciting:) Enjoy every step of the journey.

  2. So exciting! I hope you post some pictures of the nursery and from your shower. I'm sorry I missed seeing you at the river during the holidays!

  3. Love, love, love Dr. Seuss.

    So much fun ahead. Can't wait to see you in January.

  4. Super cute!! The bright colors are great. See you at the shower!