Friday, August 6, 2010

New Food Find

I typically drink my coffee black. No frills, no creamers, no sugars. Mostly because real sugar kind of grosses me out in coffee and my nutritionist says that artificial sweeteners are one of the worst things you can put in your mouth. I make exceptions for Vernors and the occasional Diet Coke.

And plain cream doesn't appeal to me at all. All those Coffeemate creamers are yummy I think but not a habit I want to get in to so I just have never used them. Chris needs cream in his coffee and has been using Silk French Vanilla flavor. Made from soy milk, it's a MUCH better alternative but I find it rather...well...disgusting. Just not a taste I like I guess.

From time to time, I like to have "special" coffee. Our version of "special" coffee is made by putting cinnamon and Mexican vanilla in the grounds before brewing. When it brews it not only smells incredible but usually tastes pretty good too. But the vanilla can make it weird sometimes. It almost leaves a film of bitterness on your tongue. I have found that a little cream and sugar can help but then I go back to my problem summarized above.

But guess what I found at the store yesterday!! Coconut milk creamer in French Vanilla flavor! It was cheap (on sale) so I decided to try it.

When we were in Belize for our honeymoon we stayed at the Victoria House. There were staff members dedicated to removing the coconuts from the trees because that beach breeze can launch a coconut (more like a lob than a launch I guess) and cause significant damage to the thatch-roofed casita and injure a guest! In making friends with the staff I inquired about what's inside and what is coconut milk and what they do with the coconuts after they take them down. Sometimes I am not that different from a child with all my questions!

The answer is they use as many as they can and toss the rest. And inside was coconut water. The following day I was lounging at the pool when Jose brought me a fresh coconut with a straw sticking out of it. The water inside was warm and weird but I could appreciate how it would be really good cold.

Needless to say, this creamer is pretty yummy too! I wonder if I can get Chris to switch?

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  1. They sell chilled coconuts, complete with straws, at the farmer's market in San Diego. Coconut water is all the rage as natural sports drink...who knew?

    One more week??