Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Moment to Breathe

Work has been absolutely insane this week. I worked until almost 7 pm last night, just to get caught up. And it worked. I finally have a moment to breathe (or blog!) before I dive in to the next project due on Tuesday.Mom and I had a great time over the weekend and week. She worked so hard and whipped my house (and me) into shape! Case in point, the family room.

We have always loved that clock! With a few new pieces, this is my favorite room EVER!
We just love our new furniture, and the tables/ottoman
from Mom and Dad make the room perfect!

Then there's our "front room." That's what Grandma Melanie always called her formal living room. Being lazy and not wanting to add "formal" to "living room," and not wanting to confuse the rooms, we have adopted the same terminology. So, I introduce to you, the Front Room.
I know. I should have turned the pillow so the zipper was on the bottom.

And just one more picture for today (it's the last room that's been finished.
The Dining room. Well, I guess we have two of those so you can have two more pictures! You want to come visit and eat in our dining rooms, don't you!

Cute dogs and all!

Ok,this is the kitchen table that we are absolutely in love with! It fits our space perfectly.

Ok, that's the tour of the main floor. I have some work to do upstairs this weekend. Mom and Dad are driving here in September and bringing several pictures for us to hang in the house. Until those arrive I am hesitant to hang anything else. I'd hate to have to have to fill in holes and repaint the spots. Mom and I did enough of that this week! I work hard to get the rest of the house in order and blog the pictures next week!

Until then...


  1. Beautiful living how you decorated it!

  2. The house looks just as good in the pictures as it does in person. I was so happy to be part of that! The round clawfoot table will look great in the front room. Love the new side tables and ottoman.

  3. I love it all. The ottoman is REALLY great and so practical! Isn't it fun to make it your own?

    I know what you mean about the inner peace of knowing your space. Enjoy it daily, and thanks for the "tour".