Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Remember: Owning a Home is Fun."

Yesterday afternoon Chris walked in my office holding a piece of paper and uttered that phrase. And all I could think was "weird thing to say with a piece of paper = no good can come from this."

Rewind time a little. Our seller informed us (after closing) that the city water provider had replaced the connection that's on the side of the driveway but needed to replace the meeter in the basement too. She had so much stuff in the basement that they couldn't get to the meter. So it was our responsibility to contact them to get the meter replaced and until we did there would be a $25 fee on our water bill each month.

Yesterday a guy came out to replace the meter and Chris asked about our water pressure. It seems pretty low and is so bad in the master shower that I am not washing my hair because I can't get the soap out of it. The guy measured the pressure and apparently there is a valve under the basement floor that regulates this. The pressure should be set at 70 psi but is measuring 90 psi (like golf, lower is better when it comes to water pressure). Apparently this is not something the city can fix, we will have to call a plumber who "shouldn't charge more than a couple hundred bucks" to replace it.

And so it begins. The joys of home ownership. But I will say that if that's the biggest problem we have right now, I'll take two bad water pressure valves! Everything else is WONDERFUL and we are settling in nicely. Mom will be here this weekend for a few days to help me do things like clean the apartment and hand in the keys, hang pictures around the house and enjoy the back deck. I am so excited to have her here that I can hardly stand it! How lucky am I that my mom is not just willing to come help but is actually excited about it! BEST. MOM. EVER!!


  1. The River mom's had a few minutes together on Pung's deck Tuesday afternoon, we are all excited that your mom is coming out. It will be fun for all of you.

    You have the right perspective on the water issue, if this is the worst, go with it.

    Enjoy your mom's visit.

  2. You DO have one of the best moms! My girls LOVE Ms. Penny. :-) Enjoy your time together - and get LOTS of use out of the deck!

  3. Mom is half packed and can't wait to be there...flying is such a yuk time. Your comments are heart warming. Thank you.