Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little relaxation

As I write this, I am sitting on the love seat with my wonderful husband, watching a little HGTV with coffee in had. It's an hour of relaxation before day two of hard work begins...or is it day ten? I guess it depends on perspective.

Our move was EASY! Movers were at the apartment by 8:30, loaded everything up, drove the 45 minutes to Highlands Ranch and had everything unloaded by 1:00. Not too shabby.

While I unpacked the kitchen, Chris went to Home Depot to buy a Weber grill so that we could have great steaks for dinner. The kitchen and living room are DONE! Today I tackle my office and the master bedroom.

Our washer and dryer will be here between 10 and noon today and I can't wait to do a load of laundry.

Also on the list today is shopping. Grocery shopping, curtain shopping (bedroom gets a little toasty in the afternoon/evenings), dog bed shopping, etc. etc. etc. Maybe when the sun sets tonight I can veg out on the love seat.


  1. YEAH!!! Enjoy the settling in process:) It IS work but oooh sooo more rewarding than the packing part.

  2. Finally!!! I know it feels so good to be "home". Dad is working each day to get your side burner/work table finished. We had to go to Home Depot again for more lumber...little miscalculation.

  3. Yeah!!!! no more crazy neighbors to watch and fear, no more dog halters in the middle of the night, and a place of your own for "morning coffee".

    I always loved the feeling of checking the box that said "that room is done". Good for both of you, way to go.....

    Pictures please?!?!?!?

  4. Hooray!! If I could, I'd jump on the bed for you too! (Or for you two...depends on how you look at it.) Home, home, home!!