Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

That explains this entire week in all its wonderful lessons in finding humor in things that make most people angry and laughing when others would scream. It's been absolutely insane.

We decided to have the dogs bathed and FurMinated (fancy brush that reduces shedding) so they'd be clean and not shedding in clumps in our new home. Yesterday afternoon we walked them, loaded them in the car and dropped them off at PetSmart. Several hours later, they were finally finished with their spa day and looked FANTASTIC! I actually like to pet them again!

So, it's now 7:00 pm we've been packing and are hungry. As we pull out of the PetSmart parking lot with dogs in tow, we discuss what's for dinner. Just then, only 2 blocks away from where Reuger had stopped to pee, and standing in the back of the 4Runner, he begins to poop. IN THE CAR. Gross. I have no other words. Just gross.

We pulled over, picked up the poo with a grocery sack (I always keep one in the car for emergencies...learned that from Grandma Melanie!), wrapped it in newspaper and drove home with the windows down. Gross. Just gross. I cleaned the carpets in the car when we got home and they are as good as new. Glad that day was over!

So, this morning the alarm went off and the radio station was playing Chris' favorite Coldplay song ("Clocks"). Ironically, it was the end of the song when the lead singer sings "Home....Home...Home..." Chris though I had stacked the deck and it was my iPhone, but nope, it was the actual radio. You all know I believe in signs. So, I got up, jumped on the bed like a kid for a minute then got ready to start the day.

Drove downtown and bought a house. Easy, breezy, no catches or glitches and absolutely perfect. And our Realtor gave us a Wine of the Month subscription for a year. That's a cool gift.

Oh, and did I mention this is it! Only one last sleep in this apartment. But let's be honest. Who's gonna sleep tonight? This is my Christmas Eve and I don't think I have been this happy in the 14 months.

Thanks Karma! I knew it would work out in the end :-)

Now it's time to turn the page and start the next chapter in the adventures of The Puckstopper's Wife!


  1. Jenna, Your blogs are so much fun to read. I really hope that you have no more "adventures" until Sat. night when you are moved in and all is well with your corner of the world. Good luck and Best wishes!!!

  2. Thanks Jenna, I have laughed along with you, and gaged (poop) along with you and Chris, but the BEST is just around the corner, or across town, but you get it.

    I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow and sending only positive thoughts!

  3. Another great post:) Here is to the best moving day ever followed by you, Chris and a bottle of wine to end the day. (Then, post pictures.)