Monday, August 2, 2010

Office Distractions

As if I need help finding distractions from my work load these days...

For the next 12 days, my "office" is in the spare bedroom. For the next three days we have company staying in our spare bedroom. So, I am working from Panera Bread. Their seats are more comfortable than Starbucks, they have free wi-fi like Starbucks but it is much quieter here. It's not such a bad gig. I got to have scrambled eggs for breakfast and somebody else had to do the dishes!

Right now there are about 5 of us working from booths (they put outlets in their booth spaces for people like us!) and there are an additional ten-ish people here enjoying conversation and coffee. So this is what Denverites do when they retire! Who knew!

It's quite sweet to see all these husbands and wives sharing the paper and a pastry (and in one instance a napkin!!). It makes me smile. Now I have to get back to work. I am really glad I brought my iPod with me! At least I can't hear their conversations!


  1. Darn, turn off the IPod and listen in, it could be very interesting. I love doing that, especially at airports. Coffee, is the coffee good there? I hate Starbucks coffee, but like the idea of having free wi-fi.

    Counting days with you until the move to the new house, what an adventure you and Chris have ahead of you!

  2. I agree with my mother-in-law...turn off that iPod and listen!! :-)