Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crisp Mornings and Hot Coffee

Quite possibly my favorite combination of beverage and weather. Better than cold beer and a warm evening. Better than hot chocolate and frigid ski run. Crisp mornings and hot coffee are the preface to sweatshirt and football weather.

Our crisp morning actually came and went in the amount of time it took me to write that paragraph. We aren't quite there yet, but every day is a hint cooler and every morning the cool lasts for an extra few minutes. I am so excited to get in our new house and open all the windows, throw on my favorite sweatshirt and enjoy some hot coffee in any room that I deem worthy on that day. Only 9 more sleeps until that beautiful house is all ours!

I can hear the CMU fight song already!!


  1. I hope that you get a cool day for your big move:)

  2. I think I know what your are talking about. I "like" all the seasons in Michigan, but I LOVE the fall. I don't want to rush fall, but it has been to bloody hot and humid this summer. Last night was the first night since the week of the 4th of July that we were able to have the air off and the windows open.

    Don't you just love "having to wear jeans and a sweatshirt"?

    I am with Sue, hope you have a cool clear day on moving day.

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  4. Oopss!! Mom, I wasn't pointing and clicking very well...I didn't mean to click on the trash bucket, I was trying to click on the date!

    Anyway, I know that wasn't the fight song, it was "Hail to the Chippewa," but I couldn't find a good video of the Marching Chips performing the Fight Song...I figured that was close enough to get my point across.

    Sorry if it caused confusion for you.