Monday, August 16, 2010


I know that many of my recent blogs have provided great humor for all of us. Today I want to be a little more serious.

Today I feel peaceful. Strangely, I didn't know that I hadn't been feeling peaceful.

There are still boxes to unpack (mostly just my clothes and pictures to put on the walls), patches of wall to paint (that story's for tomorrow--with pictures!) and money to spend on start-up groceries, more furniture and office essentials. But none of that is bothering me.

I feel like I am sitting up straighter. I think my shoulders have dropped about 3 inches. Colors are brighter and the air fresher. And to top it all off I sleep. I sleep well. So comfortably and soundly. No random airplanes buzzing the rooftop certainly helps (apartment was about a mile from an airport...or about a city block by airspace!).

I have cried a few times this weekend because I am so happy. For the last 14 months it has felt like we were playing house. Going through the motions of life but living in a land of make-believe. It would have been more fun as "Never Never Land" but no dice here. It was more like "Dharma and Greg" meets "Mad About You" only with more craziness and chaos. While I have had moments of pure happiness along the way, it never felt like this. It's just so... peaceful.

Today I write from my new office and I LOVE it. Finally we can pick up where we left off.


  1. I am so happy for is amazing what our bodies try to tell us:) Have fun showing your mom around the new place and the new neighborhood!!!!

  2. It is strange, or perhaps "protective" that while we are enduring something that makes us un-peaceful, we able to get through it, and that it is only AFTER we get through it that we realize just how un-peachful life has been. Maybe that is how we learn to appreciate and recognize the true feelings of peace.

    We are so excited for you and Chris as you start on the next chapter of your lives.