Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some things never change

I have had the same BFF since 5th grade. It seems like it was spring time when Angie showed up in school. The first weekend she lived in Mt. Pleasant I asked her to stay the night at my house. It was the beginning of a friendship that I had no idea would stand the test of time.

Sure, there were times as teenagers when boys or mean girls or sports or something created a space in our friendship, but never a void. After we graduated from high school, Angie moved to Italy, Chicago, New York, Paris, Germany and who knows where else. All I know is that Europe comes to a standstill in August and Angie always came home for the month. I would spend as much time in Ludington as possible to see her while I could.

Since then, Angie moved back to MI, I moved to TX, then she moved to Cleveland and I moved to Denver. You know you have found your BFF when miles between homes and time between chats only means we appreciate every moment we get together that much more.

Angie now has three kiddos under the age of 3 which limits her geographic mobility and I have a job that doesn't take me to Ohio anymore. We've been trying so hard for me to get to Cleveland, but airfare has been absolutely outrageous lately.

Tonight, unlike so many other nights, we were able to talk on the phone and caught up for nearly an hour (thanks sleeping kids!). When we got off the phone I knew now was the time. I need to get to OH to see Angie and Mike and those beautiful children. So I booked a ticket. Thankfully the price has come down substantially. It's still a little more than I should spend, but the way I see it, my BFF is worth WAY more than a new outfit and a fancy dinner out.

So, Cleveland, I'll see you on September 24th!


  1. I have one of these friendships, and I always know when I need her or she needs me....just go, life can be short! Friendship like you and Angie have is so rare.

    Enjoy your time in Ohio and kiss those babies! Tell Angie I said hello.

  2. What a beautiful testimony to your lasting friendship. I am so proud of you girls. You stand the test of time. You will be friends for the rest of your life.