Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I heart my Dansko Shoes THIS Much

In addition to my temperamental knee, I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for more than 4 years. I think it's about 80% better in that it doesn't make me cry anymore but I still have to be VERY careful with my shoe choices. You will rarely see me in flip flops unless my toenail polish is wet or I am on my way to the pool or beach. Even running shoes/sneakers/tennis shoes can cause excruciating pain for me if I wear them for longer than my exercising time.

But I have found and fallen in love with Dansko shoes. Have you tried them? They are durable, non-smelly (or in technical terms, antimicrobial), clean easily and can be quite the winter. They are the shoes you will often times see nurses wearing because they are REALLY good for your feet. So, as soon as I come home from the gym or a run, I change into my Danskos!

Here's the result. Sweet. I know! The best part...I walk around all day looking like this. I even walk the dogs in shorts and Danskos! I probably won't win any fashion awards unless the complex decides to give out the "attempting to replicate Punky Brewester but missing the pig tails and a Golden Retriever named Brandon" award.

But my foot doesn't hurt! That's all I really care about!


  1. The girls in our family all got Danskos for walking around Italy. They were perfect for that also. No or less pain is always a winner. Have you read BORN TO RUN? If not, you should. Scott was telling us about it last weekend and it sounds like a book you would like...lots of insights into what makes our bodies born to run and what doesn't.

  2. Sue read my mind. "Born to Run" was the first thing I thought of too (I've read it twice), one of the topics is that shoes are the reason for foot pain. (I've been wearing Vibram Five Fingers...the crazy toe walk in, and soon to run in. I love them!) It's worth the read – I think you'd REALLY enjoy it.

    Anyway, Danskos are great, and I think they make sandals!

  3. Alas, I still have my first and only Dankos, in the form of boots. I got them, let's see, two winters before Kellie and Blake were marred...and that was nearly 5 years ago. They are a greyish/silver color and go with everything, and I still love them. You bring to mind that I should look for a new pair, although I am on the 6 week "no purchase" diet. I can wait!

    Still counting down on the house with you and Chris.....

  4. Hi Jenna! I'm so excited to finally read your blog. I have been meaning to tough base since learning that you have a blog over the fourth of July. Anyway, I LOVE my Dansko clogs, too. I have their sandals, and they are super comfortable as well. Hope they continue to do your feet well!

  5. Typo...I've been meaning to "touch base" not "tough base." It's late, I'm tired!