Friday, July 23, 2010

Karma, the Universe and Procrastination

Chris and I still have not submitted out 30-day notice to our apartment complex and I am struggling with the reasoning behind our delay. I believe very strongly in signs, that everything happens for a reason and in Karma. I try hard to create an environment around me that is kind and loving in the hope that places I go are kind and loving in return (that's the Karma part). My life feels very in tune and balanced with the exception of this apartment thing.

But me being me, I could just be procrastinating. But typically when I procrastinate I know that's what I am doing and I am willing to face the music. This isn't procrastination.

Then I get all cosmic about it and think that maybe the feeling of not having time to get the leasing office to do it is the universe telling me that I shouldn't because the house is going to fall through and we don't want to be homeless. Even I think that's a bunch of hooey! Not. Very. Likely.

So, here's another theory: Fear. Our seller has to bring $36,000 to closing because she was one of the many on the rim of the housing bubble that financed 100% of the value of the home when she purchased it. When the bubble burst all homes across the country lost value. ALL of them. Our seller understood this, listed her house for what she believed it to be worth, and we are paying full price. It's still a great deal...with the appraisal the way it was, she's only leaving about $5,000 on the table (appraised value less the sale price). She seems to be OK with all of this. But we are freaking out a little. What if she enjoys the casinos? What if she hasn't been telling the truth all along and doesn't have the money? What if she only has half of it?

We submitted the last of our oddball requirements this morning for final approval of our loan. We are all track to close on August 13 and I have called 3 movers for estimates on moving our stuff to the other side of the city. But we haven't put our 30 day notice in. Our Realtor said when we met the last of the odd ball conditions he would ask her for verification of funds. But what if she won't give it? Or doesn't have it?

Maybe today will be the day we put in our notice. Or maybe one of you wonderful readers will have the ultimate words of wisdom for me.


  1. How much is it costing you each day by not putting in your notice? Could it buy you a couple of new lamps or a washer...front load? Or, maybe, not doing it gives you peace of mind which is worth a couple of lamps and a washer to my mind. Confused??? Me too!!!

  2. I understand your karma versus procrastination thoughts, and I would be the one into the "jinks" theory. I would just know that I was jinksing the entire purchase if I sent in the notice.

    On the other hand, what is the worst case? Would the landlord really hold you to leaving if indeed something should happen with the house purchase?

    After all you two have been through, do whatever gives you the most comfort, knowing the consequences of your actions.

    We will be keeping our fingers crossed that this will be an easy transition and are looking forward to the "we are settled, isn't it great" photos.

  3. I'd just be upfront with your landlord which should/may result in he/she being willing to accomadate you if the worst happens. One thing we all know....we all spend waaaay too much time worrying about things that never happen. Give your notice and move on....hopefully, literally!