Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Dark

I know. Another dog blog. But this is so cute, and has been going on since she was a puppy, so I thought I'd share.

Abby is probably part lizzard. She loves the heat. She looks for the sunbeam to come through the window every afternoon and will sit in it until her black hair is on fire. And every morning when we get up, Abby runs to the love seat for "good mornings" and waits for us to "make the dark." That's all crazy human-dog speak for "say hello then put the red blanket on a pillow on the love seat and cover up the beagle." Here's how it looks when complete:

She's really in there, on top of a pillow on the love seat. We lost the furniture battle long ago, but at least she will only be on the furniture if she's on the red blanket. When I decided to blog about this and snap a quick photo I had to turn on a light...the first photo was lucky, because here was the response I got:And finally, after she was aware that I had not only disturbed the dark, but I was exploiting her reaction, Abby decided to look for another place to take her post-wake-up-pre-walk morning nap:She's always this cute until she pukes somewhere in the middle of the night. But that was last week!

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  1. I want to take a post-wake-up-pre-kids nap. :-)