Monday, July 19, 2010

Only 25 more days!

Only 25 more days until this house is all ours! I think we can safely say that there is no good reason this sale won't happen. The inspection was a big issues, and best of all, no Radon. The appraisal came in last week and it was actually OVER our sale price. Not only is that GREAT news, it also means that we will have instant equity in our new home. That's a huge relief too.
Our closing is scheduled for Friday, August 13. With the luck we have had, I typically would be terrified of having our closing scheduled for any Friday the 13th. But August 13 is special. It's Chris' Granddaddy's (that's Grandpa to us Yankees!) 87th birthday. That's good luck I think!
We are now in the process of making the list of "did we really get rid of that during our downsizing and now have to replace?" things to buy. It's fun and overwhelming. Good thing I love a good list!

Only 25 more days until this is my kitchen! And yes, those are granite slab counters and 42" upper cabinets! HOORAY!
And only 25 more days until this is my living room! I can't wait :-)


  1. We are so excited for you. The house looks perfect, and you and Chris deserve a "happy Friday the 13th" after all you have been through.

    Actually, if you tossed something when you downsized, it is likely "out-dated" or at least convince yourself it was.....and shopping for new is fun.

  2. GOOD NEWS! We are so happy for you and Chris. Looks like a great place to cook your amazing meals and to relax with wine:) Can't beat that.