Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back to Reality

Chris and I head home today from our week long vacation in Michigan. Of all the trips we have made here, this one was by far one of the most fun. To see the whole river family, many of my cousins, my brother a changed man and my cougar Grandma was so fulfilling, I will never find the perfect words to describe how wonderful it was.

I can proudly say my liver survived the week and that, until yesterday, there were no McFarlane-caliber injuries to report. It is with great pain and the inability to type well that I report my battle with the river ramp. I made it all the way across the river with a bag of river shoes in one hand and a flashlight in the other when the exit ramp slid off the bank sending me forward into one of the slimy moss-covered bricks on the bank. The slide took off 75% of the nail on my left ring finger, scraped half the skin off the area above my top knuckle on the same finger, took a small chunk out of my pinkie nail and left a cut on my middle finger. It sounds bad but could have been so much worse.

This morning my fingers are very swollen and quite painful, but a little ice (or in this house, Palmolive), some Advil and a cup of coffee will make it all OK.

I will spare you a picture of the injury... those of you with queasy stomachs will thank me!

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  1. Here is to speedy healing and an uneventfull trip home. It was great to see you and Chris. Good luck with the house:)