Monday, July 26, 2010

December as a Child

Do you remember how exciting the month of December was when you were a child? It was a time of parties, seeing Santa, candy canes and being on your best behavior. And the TV shows... I mean the classics. The Peanuts (I was always a fan of Freida because of her hair!) Merry Christmas Charlie Brown and Frosty the Snowman...I am talking about the real ones before animation was of the quality it is today and back when the spirit of the season was so deep and rich in tradition that everyone could feel it (or maybe it just seems different now that I am older!).

But nothing could beat the Sears Wish Book. My brother and I would wait and wait and wait for the book to arrive then spend HOURS thumbing through the pages and imagining all the toys in Santa's workshop. I even remember looking at the pages with the swing sets endlessly day dreaming about all the fun those kids in the picture must have been having. It never occurred to me that it was staged. I envisioned someone's yard!

I tell this story because it seems that while I may have outgrown the Sears Wish Book, I have not outgrown the imagination that would keep me awake at night thinking of all the incredible toys in Santa's workshop. Only now instead of December it's July and instead of swing sets it's furniture, and paint and tables and chairs. Oh Pottery Barn Catalog, how I love/hate/love/hate you.


  1. I am right there with you on the Pottery Barn catalog. I also LOVE the William-Sonoma catalog, they always have such great recipes!

    What you and Chris can't accomplish between the 13th and the 24th, well, you will just make the best of it. Once the Teddy Bear border is down, you will find the new house just wonderful.

    Washer and Dryer, well, like Sue said, not fun, but have you been to a laundry recently? THAT is the PITS, not to mention, expensive (based a little experience I had recently).

    On the new baby thing, anything you take will be appreciated, especially if the dish is disposable, or if it is something that can be frozen for use on a night when they are desperate. Watermelon, everyone loves watermelon, less me, but kids love it.

    Enjoy your last few days in the condo!

  2. Cheese Potatoes. You have to take cheese potatoes.
    I wish I had saved the Sears Christmas catalog. Just one. Wouldn't it be fun to look through a 1982 one now?!?!
    I have Dad working on a time to decend on your new home. Can't wait.