Monday, November 1, 2010

The Art of Yogurt

Almost every morning I have Greek yogurt for breakfast. High in protein and low in fat, it's a pretty good breakfast. My only problem is that the flavored ones are too sweet and the plain too, well, plain. I typically add a little Kashi Go Lean Crunch to the creamy goodness just for a little crunch.

Adding the cereal certainly helps the texture, but does nothing for the sweetness (or lack of, depending on the choice of the day). Yesterday I stumbled across what I thought was a pretty good compromise. Pomegranates. Not the juice, but the actual seeds from the fruit!

King Soopers (the Kroger corporation calls it that out here) had whole pomegranates on sale for $1 each. I thought I'd give it a whirl! While messy to get the seeds out, there were a little more tart than I really wanted to eat naked so I tossed them in the vanilla yogurt with the granola. It was absolute perfection! And the best news: that pomegranate will last me all week (unless the fruit goes bad first). But so far, so good! Not to mention, it's a superfood!

I put the Wikipedia link there in case you are curious about the pomegranate's superfood capabilities, and holy catfish is that a lot of information! But good to know I guess. I dare you to give the pomegranate a whirl. My only tidbit of advice: when you cut it in half, do so across the fruit, not from top to bottom...that will make it MUCH easier to extract the seeds!



    The link above will send you to a blog with a Killer Granola recipe that is GREAT on your moning yogurt...beware of addiction. Just the right crunch and sweetness.

    Also, a bit of local honey adds a touch of sweetness to plain yogurt while also reducing allergy symptoms when used daily (think mini allergy shot.)

    I really like pomegraanite seeds in salads or yogurt but I go for the ready to serve seeds available at many stores...less messy:)

    Again, a great post.

  2. Yum. I have greek yogurt for breakfast as well. Chobani has one that comes with pomegranite seeds already - I don't think it's too sweet.

    I'm going to go to Sue's link now...sounds yummy!