Monday, November 29, 2010

Experiment with Denim

I hate to iron. I try hard to buy wrinkle free garments and wear things that are forgiving of wrinkles. But there is one culprit in the laundry that drives me bananas. The auto-cuff feature of most jeans. I refuse to iron my jeans, so for years I have accepted the fact that the stupid seam on the bottom cuff of denim will always fold up.

A few weeks ago, you'll remember that I was in a HUGE rush and had to do last minute laundry to get to JA in time. My mom used to get after me all the time because my dirty laundry was always inside-out. As an adult, I have tried hard to take my clothes off without turning them inside-out, but it still happens, only now I tend to turn it the right way before tossing in the washer. That was, until a couple weeks ago.

See, when I threw that laundry in, I didn't have time to figure out what may be inside-out. I just washed and dried in a hurry. I did notice that my jeans were inside out (and dry!) but there was no cuff at the bottom. So for the past few weeks I have turned ALL my jeans inside out before washing and drying and guess what....NO MORE STUPID CUFFS AT THE BOTTOM! It actually cured the problem.

I waited to blog it because I wanted to make sure it consistently worked. And maybe none of you have this issue, and if you do, maybe it doesn't bug you like it bugs me...or maybe you really like to iron!

From now on, I wash jeans inside out.


  1. That happens to me all the time. I found that if I shake out the jeans before the dryer it helps. Your way is much better. I have some jeans in the washer right now so it is too late for them but I will be an inside-outer from now on!

  2. I think you will also find that the color will stay "true blue" a bit longer as well. My jeans are always inside-out, by design.

    That being said, I hate laundry that hits the basket inside out! I trained my kids to get out of their clothing so it was right-side to, but Mike is a different issue. However, to be fair, he does 90% of our laundry, and does a great job, so I'll keep mum about this.