Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tis the Season

I love this time of year! I think Thanksgiving is neck-and-neck with Christmas Eve in my book. All the great smells, yummy food, happy people, paid days's all so much fun!

But you know you are getting close to the holidays when the UPS truck has 2 guys in it! One driving like a bat after a bug and the other with one foot perpetually out the door, ready to leave the long anticipated package on the front porch.

Having a window like this makes it perfect for spying on our weird-o neighbor, the UPS guy and the dogs across the street that guard the back yard with an enthusiasm level opposite that of the UPS guys! They just look around, dig an occasional hole, but never bark. My favorite kind of neighbor dogs!


  1. Your second paragraph made me laugh until I hurt! I am a visual person.

    I too love this holiday, but the stores are determined to eliminate the holiday all together. Stores had Christmas stuff up before Halloween! I hate that. I was in Menards today and they were playing Christmas music. I nearly left, but honestly, I needed the burlap to cover my shrubs!

    I refuse to put up ONE thing other than "fall/Thanksgiving" stuff until after BLACK FRIDAY. This year Black Friday (November 26th) is also Josie's 3rd birthday, I'll celebrate that, not Christmas.

  2. Here in SD Nordstroms has a sign in the window saying Happy Thanksgiving and explaining that they only celebrate one holiday at a time so be sure to come back later to see the Christmas display. Good marketing in my book!!!! SUE (from Meredith's computer)

  3. If your dumplings turn out excellent can we have them at Christmas?