Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Moment to Breathe

This week has been absolutely insane. Between work, and fun, I haven't even had time to grocery shop this week. And about an hour ago I realized it's Wednesday...I volunteer for a 4th grade classroom to teach Junior Achievement on Wednesdays at 2:30.

Because my work day started an hour and a half early today, and I am completely out of clean jeans (haven't even had time for laundry this week) I decided to give myself permission to work from sweat pants and my favorite sweatshirt this morning. Before lunch I opted to start a load of laundry when the whole JA thing dawned on me. So, I started the laundry, jumped in the shower, did some sort of ethnic dance to encourage the laundry to wash and dry faster (see note on clean jeans) with some really annoying whining interlaced throughout the said dance and nuked a frozen meal (I keep a couple on hand for emergencies like this one) and shoveled it in my mouth while I studied my JA guide.

All that rushing around and here I am with an hour to spare. Rather than getting back into the work requirements (too easy to lose track of time), I decided to take a breath and blog. My lunch was gross but fully consumed and my jeans are in the dryer. It will all be OK today.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I have going on that I forget that other people exist, or even care about my feeling of being overwhelmed. It's moments like these that I remember that from time to time everyone feels like this.

Last year at this time I was terrified that I would NEVER find a job and was considering deepening our debt by a cool $25,000 to go back to school and do something completely different. A year ago this week I met my now current boss for lunch and told him I was interested in coming back to work for the company while secretly laughing to myself knowing the odds of it panning out in the next 12 months were pretty slim. Boy was I wrong.

In twelve months I went from unemployed and ready to begin exploring a completely different path to completely overwhelmed with work that I really like for a company that I love. It's been a roller coaster of a ride!

But it's in moments like these when I give myself permission to come up for air and reflect on where I am today and how I got here that things fall into perspective. No regrets. No worries. Just a little heartburn from a really crappy frozen lunch. I really need to hit the grocery store tonight!

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  1. You are to funny, but boy do you "get it". Breath, reflect and rejoice that you are in a wonderful place, both in your heart and head.

    Tip: Next time you have a great meal, portion out a "Jenna emergency lunch" container and freeze it, never have to have a crappy frozen lunch again.