Friday, October 22, 2010

Soul Train

In 1998 I started down the ever eventful road of my life. Planning a practice wedding, fixing up a house, finishing up my eduction, enjoying every last minute with friends I knew I wouldn't see every day after we all graduated and working full time. And that was just 1998.

The band Train released their debut self-titled album with the song Meet Virginia. I was instantly in love with the group! Their pop style wasn't bubble-gum like many other bands on the radio and they had no desire to compete in the ever present boy-band genre...thank goodness. Since the debut album, many things have changed in my life and it seems that with each passing event, triumph and tribulation Train was there with a new single or a new album.

They went silent, even broke up for a few years from 2006 to 2009, but that was OK. The lead singer, Pat Monohan cut a solo album that was just as great as the group stuff.

Yesterday I heard their newest single, "Marry Me," and like so many Train songs before it, it touched my soul. I don't know if its the acoustic style or the lyrics. Or if I am just a fan of a band like so many other people. Regardless, Train is always on my playlist. Their music speaks to me. It has a way of completely absorbing me and taking me to a place where I know everything will be OK. And if I don't need the lift, the music has me singing and dancing.

My only hope for this song is that radio stations don't make it the go-to-hot-song of the year and play it so often that I forget how much I once loved it.

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  1. I had never heard of Train, but just added one of their albums to my iPhone. thanks. Music is always something that can "take you back".