Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I got a Shellac-ing!

I don't know if it's really a word or not. But it sounds like a beating, doesn't it! But it's not...it's (wait for it)... a manicure! That's right! A manicure.

I have bad nails partly because of genetics and partly because I can't stop picking at them. Weird, I know. I refuse to have artificial nails that are difficult and expensive to maintain, but I also don't like paying for manicures that don't last through the first sink of dishes.

On Saturday, my mother-in-law told me about the Shellac Manicure and that it's supposed to last for two or more weeks. They treat your nails just as any other manicure (cuticle trimming, shaping, filing, etc.) then they put this fancy clear polish on and you sit under a UV dryer for 30 seconds. Then a coat of color, UV dryer, coat of clear, UV dryer, coat of color, UV dryer, final coat of clear and UV dryer. By the way, that link will take you to the salon listing in Michigan...three in Mt. Pleasant alone!! Snoop around on the site if you would like a more detailed description of the manicure than color, UV, clear, UV....

The entire process only took 30 minutes. Granted I think I found the most expensive salon in the area, but on average, the Shellac manicure only costs about $5-$10 more than a regular manicure and lasts for weeks rather than hours! Today is Tuesday. I have done a lot of dishes and taken three showers since the manicure and not a single chip, nick, ding or peel to be found. Oh, and if you don't want the manicure, to change the polish and put a new Shellac color on is only $10! Hopefully this will help my nails grow a little, my hangnails stop getting out of control (I pick at those too...I know. Gross.) and I will be less embarrassed to have someone see my fingers.

I am really hoping this will work... and because it lasts so long I won't have to do it more than once a month! I'll show you at Christmastime!

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  1. I just heard of this process while in Seattle. Glad it is working for you. i would love to try it.

    I used the link and only came up with one salon, the Casino, in Mt. Pleasant. I'll keep looking.

    Have a fun day.