Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It's Chris and Jenna day. The sun is shining and it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. It's been a super fun day today... Chris and I have actually had the chance to work together today. At my desk. Sometimes it's really nice having a built-in IT department. I love the guy in my office (in Plano, TX). He's really nice and he tries really hard. We are a software company of 55 employees located in 6 different states using countless different software applications on refurbished computers with an IT staff of 1. That's right. 1. Just 1 guy. I feel bad for him and cut him a lot of slack. So, sometimes I just lean on Chris for help.

So, this morning my computer said "Happy Anniversary, Jenna! I don't like you anymore so you're screwed." This is what is lovingly (not jokingly) known as the Windows "BSOD." In case you are curious, it's the Blue Screen of Death.

So, after a reboot and about an hour of hiccups but no more BSOD, I have decided to work slowly and save often. Glad I learned about recoverable vs. unrecoverable data . I am spending the afternoon saving everything to our network. The status bar says I only have 6 hours left!

Happy Anniversary, Jenna!

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