Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We are really excited about this week. Chris and I both took Friday off so it's a SUPER short week for us. That's our gift to ourselves for canceling our vacation to Puerto Rico that would have been this week.

The weekend was fantastic. We got so much done around the house. Hung curtains, cleaned, organized, "carpeted" the basement using the remnants we found under the stairs, cooked like crazy! And this is how we spent every evening this weekend.. Steaks, ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, potato latkes...it was all fantastic!

Then we learned about a fire burning in Boulder County. It started yesterday morning and is still burning today. The last estimate I heard was 3,500 acres burned and dozens of homes damaged or destroyed, some of which were owned by the firefighters fighting the blaze. Our apartment was south of this fire but was in the "very poor air quality" area. With Chris' asthma, we probably would have been boarding the dogs and finding somewhere else to stay. Bad air and the seven C-130 retired military tanker planes that load up, take off, dump the red slurry that sticks to the trees and come back to refill every 25 minutes, from the airport less than a mile from our apartment would have made us crazy. Regular private planes were loud enough, those tankers are really slow to gain altitude making me yell, "PULL UP" every time they fly over. And holy Toledo are they noisy! I can't imagine seven of them in rotation from first light to 30 minutes after sunset.

So, this week we will be grateful for what we have, thankful to not be in the apartment anymore (for the millionth time!) and excited about the three-day week. And we'll keep Boulder County, those fighting the fire and those who have lost in the fire in our prayers.


  1. Potato Latkes sounds great. You also had a wonderful cherry pie.
    You sound so happy...it's good to hear.

  2. I am with your mom, I HEAR you being happy, makes my day.

    I LOVE potato latkes, would love your recipe to see how it compares to mine.

    Hope your week is wonderful, and I too will keep Boulder folks in my prayers.

  3. Hi Jenna,it's Pat. It sounds like you are very happy to be back in a house. Keep cooking all those yummy things and enjoy life!