Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally somebody figured it out

I travel for work. My adventures have taken me to some really cool places and have taught me to pack for a week in a carry on suitcase. The kind that actually fits wheels first in the overhead bin. I also try to remain faithful to one brand of airline and hotel. More points and freebies that way!

Out of necessity, I have also learned to be creative with how much I can fit in the 1 quart baggie! I don't wear sneakers because they take too long to tie, and can fit the following in my 1 quart baggie:
1. Face lotion
2. Shampoo
3. Conditioner
4. Hair gel
5. Hair spray stuff
6. Contact lens solution
7. Mascara
8. Lip gloss
9. Eye drops
and if the baggie is really stretched out
10. My favorite gel deodorant (if it's not stretched out, I have an emergency solid to travel with).

With my sensitive skin, I have issues with the face cleansing routine when I travel. If I use soap I will look like I slept in a sun-drenched wind tunnel (bright red and splotchy), but I found some great cleansing towelettes that I can travel with that don't have to go in the baggie. They seem to work well.

On Monday I checked in to the Hampton Inn near the Minneapolis airport and found this on the bathroom counter:

In front of the shampoo/conditioner/lotion/mouthwash was La Fresh. It's a moisturizing make up remover.

FINALLY! A hotel that acknowledges that not all business travelers are men! I was so excited, I actually went back to the front desk and asked when they started doing that and how long it will last. The guy wasn't sure but said that the hotel manager had received many complaints from female travelers that the soap was too harsh and that the conversion in many Hampton Inn hotels to "all showers" rather than a tub/shower combination made it less comfortable for women.

Then the guy says this, "I get the soap thing, but you women and your bathtubs I will never understand." I had to educate him on the fact that we don't take a bath in a hotel, but when we have only a shower, it is difficult to shave our legs without risking great blood loss because our foot slipped down the shower wall in mid shave.

He blushed, I laughed, and said, "please tell your manger that I think he's brilliant and I will definitely be staying at THIS hotel every time I come to Minneapolis" which is once a month. Sweet! One less thing I have to remember to pack!


  1. It's the little things that mean a lot....

  2. You were so brave to tell the truth about the tub versus shower. I would never dream of taking a bath in a hotel, and I agree about the safety issue while shaving. If they want to switch to all showers, they could add a foot rest to the shower and make us all happy.

    Safe travels, and enjoy the week-end.