Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cherry Pie

I really like cherry pie. And it's Chris' favorite. He's been bugging me to make one for years. And I have been putting him off for a million reasons. But the main reason is because I know how cherry pie is supposed to taste. Just like the one Grandma Peg used to make. And I was terrified that I would never be able to match, or even come close, to that. Although, he wouldn't know the difference.

I have asked Gram for her recipe and she swears up and down that she never made a cherry pie and that we are thinking of Ruthie Felter. I never baked with Ruthie Felter, but I do remember trying her Rhubarb pie once at Grandma Melanie's house (not my favorite pie). The really funny part is that I DISTINCTLY remember making the pie with Gram. She let us munch on the frozen cherries before she put them in the pie. She kept them in the freezer in the tall white plastic containers that the Embers would send the lettuce home in if you ordered the fixins' for their Caesar salad.

So, I broke out my favorite shortbread pie crust recipe (I make a pretty good crust) and followed a recipe from my iPhone app, Epicurious. It was easy. I mean REALLY easy. And holy cow was it good. I haven't had a homemade cherry pie in years, but I am pretty sure this was a really good one. Chris loved it.

That was my first attempt ever at a lattice crust. I think I need a crust cutter or a ruler or something. And some lessons in straight-line cutting. And probably a level to fix our oven. Oh, and I forgot to brush the lattice with milk and sprinkle with sugar. So it isn't the prettiest pie in the world, but it was mine. All mine. And I am really proud of it. I'll make it for anyone on the river next time we are home!!


  1. I am ready for the cherry pie....perfect lattice not required:)

  2. I think it is picture perfect, and your memory of baking with Gram
    Peg is priceless.

    I am so thankful that I live on the river, I love cherry pie!