Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To shuffle or not to shuffle...

I have the second version of the iPod Shuffle. It is tiny and clips to my shirt or jacket or whatever garment I want to clip it to. That little bugger has been my exercise motivator for more than three years and it's still going strong. Well, strong enough anyway.

After running with my iPhone in an arm band and listening to XM radio, I realized that changing stations mid-run is too difficult without stopping, and for as much as I love XM, the stations that I listen to on a run are rather repetitive and often have morning mini-countdowns. That means that there is no more variety on the super-clunky-phone-launched-XM app than there is on my iPhod shuffle.

Over the weekend I loaded the shuffle up with 5 hours worth of "new" music. It certainly isn't new, but it isn't what I hear on the radio all day long either, and some of the songs are my all-time favorites. So, here's my conundrum: Should I shuffle the music (which means the iPod will pick which song to play next and is totally random) or listen in some sort of order?

I haven't figured out how to make the little bugger play the songs in the order I tell it. My choices are alpha by song, alpha by artist or shuffled. I don't like alpha by artist because I end up hearing three John Mayer songs followed by three John Mellencamp songs. That's annoying. I like them and all, but not all at one time. I like to spread the wealth!

The only problem with shuffling is that the iPod will often latch on to a few songs and play them during every run and completely ignore others. So, then, does alpha by song make sense? The only complaint is that all the "Dancing" songs play back-to-back. Which is OK.

Here's the beauty of alpha by song: Today I heard George Michael sing "Faith" (and yes I could see the video in my mind from 9th grade...didn't know what gay was then!) followed by the CMU Marching Bad playing the "Fight Song" and Scissor Sisters singing "I Don't Feel Like Dancing"

Today was a record pace for me. 3 miles in 36 minutes flat!!!


  1. I guess the type A in me says order by song. Keep on running girl!!

  2. First, BRAVO on the running AND the great time!!

    Second, Ipod is not my tool of choice, because I am picky and it will not allow me to make such selections. URG. However, my Blackberry has a couple "modes" whick allow my to select either: A) selected tracks by song title or artist, B) genre or better yet C) by "collection." I currently have about 6 such "collections." Everything from running tunes, mind numbing blank thoughts, to just need a break and relax tunes.

    See if as you "download" or manage, if you can make a collection. A close friend has one, this is what she does for creating a playlist for her exercise group. (There must be a way!!)

    Hugs from the Farm, Michelle

  3. I can arrange my shuffle however i want through iTunes. I dont like the random thing either, a "planned" play list is much better in my opinion! Good job though!