Friday, March 11, 2011


To those who know me well, you know that I inherited a MASSIVE sweet tooth, likely from Grandma Peg. And for those who don't believe that can be genetically passed through generations, the nurture vs. nature battle continues. I will agree that I may have learned my sweet tooth, but that learning would also be from Gram. So, I will still say I inherited it!

For my practice wedding, Gram gave me a wooden recipe box that had several of her recipes in it, hand-written when her beautiful handwriting was still fairly decipherable. Some of the recipes include Almond crunch brittle, Texas sheet cake, vanilla ice cream, German chocolate cake, Gram's chocolate cake, and yes, her infamous chocolate chip cookies. Can you see the theme?

And those recipes I have made taste just like I remember. I will also say that the cookie recipe make a lot of cookies. Maybe because the 3 cups of chocolate chips bulks up the volume. Or maybe it's the three sticks of butter. Regardless, they are pretty darn good cookies!

And I made a batch last night. I have found that sometimes after lunch I like to have a bite of something sweet. And while Whole Foods makes some pretty awesome chocolate chip cookies, they are 99 cents each (which is not THAT expensive) but they are really big. And here's my problem: when I want a cookie, I want A cookie...meaning the WHOLE thing. I try to break it in half but always end up eat both halves. So isn't it better to make cookies at home that are small in size so that I can scratch the itch without over indulging? I sure think so.

And I've tried "healthy" cookies, but they aren't the same. On the days when I want a cookie, I want the dumb cookie. I have found that it's better to have one good cookie than to eat the healthy one and still want a good one. So, here's the justification for me:

For as long as I am running 12 miles a week or more, and have activity a total of 5 days or more every week, we can have cookies in the house and I can have a cookie on the days I want a cookie, which is most of them. If I stop running, I stop baking. If that's not incentive to run, I don't know what is!

Oh, and I am taking half of the cookies from yesterday to Mom and Dad on Sunday. They are meeting me in Detroit for dinner Sunday night and staying the night at the same hotel so we can hang out. I have a presentation Monday morning and fly back to Denver Monday night. Quick trip, but I'll be back in April for a couple of days.

And we couldn't possibly eat all the cookies this recipe makes before the go bad. So, it's better to share! And we have a really small freezer.


  1. I agree 100%. When I WANT something, I want that, all of it, and it has to be the real McCoy. There is a lot to be said about satisfying your "hunger".

    As for inheriting a sweet tooth, it may be genetic, your dad loves his cookies too. Nice that you can meet up with your parents and share time and cookies. Have a great time.