Monday, March 7, 2011

A perfect weekend

Traveling across the country for a quick trip is something I am no stranger to. I've been doing that for the better part of 6 years now and in all truth, most of the time I enjoy it. I get to see new cities and appreciate them for all their glory, sometimes grand and sometimes well, not as grand. But really it's the people that make places special. Even in Stuttgart Arkansas!

The weekend was really special for me, and Angie. I spent three perfect days with my best friend and her three incredible children. Luke and Lydia, the twins, were born at 27 weeks...and I was there three days after they were born. It was the most terrifying feeling so see them weigh less than 3 pounds and fit in the palm of my hand. I love those little buggers like they were my own.

In the visits I have made to visit the three muskateers, I have fed them, held them and flawlessly executed a midnight feeding so mom and dad could sleep. I have been puked on, peed on, and yes, even pooped on. We have played and laughed, and learned new words. And I have learned so much about unconditional love that I can't even begin to put into words. With the twins there were a few months were we didn't know if they both would make it. With all the worries of such a premature birth, so many problems would arise every day. But on February 6th Luke and Lydia celebrated their third birthday and in October, the perfectly charming, incredibly smart little miss smiley face, Eloise will be 2.

Here's a picture of Lydia that Angie took today. She sent to to me in an email with this note:

Lydia coming home from school today. She brought Raggedy Ann to show the class and said her great grandma made it for her!! :) We miss you! Lydia asked if you were sleeping downstairs this morning!

Have a great week!! Xoxo

Grandma Peg made that Raggedy Ann for her, and an Andy doll for Luke. They love those dolls more than any other doll they have. When I told Lydia that my mimi (that's what she calls grandma's) made Raggedy Ann for her, she asked if my mimi is her mimi too. I told her that my grandma would be kind of like her great grandma. She was so excited that Auntie Jenna's mimi made the dolls that she told her entire world. How cute is that!

We have decided to do this every 6 months. But the next trip, Angie gets the break and will come out here for the weekend! I can't wait, although I will miss the kids. A lot.


  1. Jenna,
    When I first saw the teeny picture in this post in my Blogger Dashboard, I thought it was an old picture of you! I am sure you likely had that same Raggedy Ann doll that your Grandma Peg made for you too. Grandma Peg sure can be Lydia's mimi too. After all, she has also been my "Grandma Peg" all these years too (and yes, I still do call her that). And just had to add too, that the exact same Raggedy Ann doll that Lydia is holding in this cute picture, that Grandma Peg made for me when I was probably her age, is sitting on a little chair in Avery's bedroom.

    Grandmas are too special of people not to share them!

  2. Grandma Peg will be thrilled when she hears the stories about the lived her Raggedy Ann and Andy have been having. I will show her the picture the next time she comes out here.

    Always hold your best friends close to your heart.

  3. This made me tear-up and think about my kid's mimi. She was a great seamstress, just like your mimi. My boys still have the bears my mom made them. She was also the type to "grandma" everyone.

    Your mom is so right, hold your best friends close.

    Your trips to Angie's house and hers to your are very special.