Thursday, December 30, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We are in Michigan, safe and sound. And because I would hate to disappoint all my loyal readers who understand "McFarlane Luck" when it comes to our travel...errr...adventures, I will share with you our most recent adventure!

Last night, we were scheduled to leave Denver at 7:45 pm and to arrive in Grand Rapids at 12:15 am. Now, this was not the most ideal of circumstances as it stood. When we boarded on time, knowing that we were leaving a Winter Storm Watch and landing into a Freezing Rain Advisory, we felt pretty fortuate for our perceived change in travel luck. We pushed back on time, drove in a few circles and ended up in what we thought was Wyoming, waiting for our "Performance Report" before we could actually depart...45 minutes late.

So, arriving in Grand Rapids at 1:00 am, we waited, and waited, and waited for our luggage...until 1:30. Oh, and did I mention the freezing rain advisory started at 1:00 am? Sigh.

It was about 3:15 when we finall got to the house (thankfully it was mostly just rain at that time) and were in bed safe and sound by 3:45 am.

After a rotten night sleep, we are all up and really excited to be here. Watching last night's Red Wings/Dallas Stars game, planning our first trip to Jay's, and having coffee at 11:00 in the morning.

It's great to be home!


  1. I first saw the car lights in the driveway early, early morning and then house lights (sigh of relief), and finally later I saw the normal early morning lights.....glad you are safely home. Talk about a crazy night's sleep, it must run in the neighborhood.

    I just know there is a good book in your travel "adventures"!

  2. Welcome home Jenna and Chris!
    If you have time to get together, we would love to see you guys. We will be around all weekend.....and then back to work on Monday. Sunday evening is Avery's second birthday party. Call me - 400-3107.
    Have a nice Christmas with your parents and Garren....please tell them Merry Christmas from me!

  3. Welcome! Maybe you can drive to our side of the river Saturday or Sunday morning. I'll give you a call (but don't let yourself get stretched too thin!).

  4. Middle of the night ariport runs are very common on the river:) There were tire tracks...from the newspaper Christmas after I picked Meredith up from a scheduled 11pm arrival in Lansing:)

    Welcome home and hope to see you and Chris if time allows:)

  5. Did you forget to mention that your elderly parents were waiting for you at the airport and that we got home about the time that your dad usually get up??