Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Wooly

I have no idea what that means! I just know that Grandma Melanie would say that to her closest friends and family in place of Merry Christmas. It's cute. And catchy. I think I am going to see if it will fly at my company Christmas Party tomorrow night (in Dallas).

Here are the things we are excited about today:
1. United upgraded us to first class for our flight to Dallas. It's one hour and thirty minutes of a bigger seat. I would rather save the upgrade for a longer flight, but Chris is so excited to sit in the front of the plane that at 7:30 this morning he did a happy dance...which is funny for two reasons. If you know Chris, you know that happy dances aren't really his thing, and even less his thing: mornings! It was priceless!

2. The Christmas party itself. I am so excited to be back with Marquis. They are the company that helped me find who I really am and break out of my shell. To be in the company of the entire Marquis family, even if only for one night, is exciting. And will be fun.

3. The party is at Jay's house. Jay is one of the 3 brothers that owns the company. He lives in a really cool part of Dallas. We have been notified that we may be subject to secret service screening in that we will be in rental cars. There is also rumor of a golf ball pitching contest. See, George W. Bush lives a few doors down...hence the security. As for the golf balls, well, some of the boys want to hit balls into his back yard. I think I'll stay away from that! Far far away!

4. Saturday night we are headed to the Christmas performance by the Dallas Symphony. I love the symphony and am really excited to hear the Christmas music they perform. Followed by some really yummy Tex-Mex. REALLY excited about that part!

5. Coming home. Such a crazy time of year. I am so grateful that we have an early flight home on Sunday. We should be able to pick the dogs up in the morning and have a somewhat normal Sunday afternoon of cleaning and grocery shopping.

Next weekend we have the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party with some friends. That should be a hoot...and I promise lots of pictures for that one!

Merry Wooly!


  1. Merry Wooly! It's good to hear that again.

  2. I hope the comment catches on, it sounds heart warming.

    Wonderful news about the flight (I can see Chris dancing now). I do understanding wishing it were for a longer flight, but maybe you will get lucky and get an upgrade for your Christmas flight.

    You, in a shell?? You will have to explain that to me over a glass of wine.

    Have a great time at the party. Dress???

  3. Merry Wooly Jenna!
    It wouldn't be Christmas time if our heads and hearts weren't filled with happy memories of Grandma Melanie....oh, how she loved Christmas!
    Have a good trip!

    p.s. - I am a new follower....and I am working on getting my own blog started soon.

  4. Hi Allison! So glad to see you :-) You'll love blogging. It's such a great way to keep everyone updated on what the kiddos are up to, what you are up to, and some photos here and there! Can't wait to read it xoxo