Friday, December 3, 2010

Let the Birthday Begin

Chris' birthday is Monday, and in true McFarlane fashion, he will begin celebrating tonight! He feels he's entitled to celebrate like a McFarlane after the pear brandy debacle the first time I brought him home with me...I'll never live that down.

Here's the agenda for our weekend:

5:30 pm: Leave for downtown Denver. Parking then a flight of wine at Cru Wine Bar
6:30 pm: Dinner reservations at The Oceanaire where he can eat his fill of water dwellers and I will have either chicken or pork (steak is tomorrow night!).
8:30 pm: Head back to the car, put on the warm jackets, hats and gloves. Stay for the Denver Christmas Parade of Lights. And Santa is at the end! This is my favorite part! I almost cry every year when I see Santa in the parade. I love him. Maybe it's because I was an adult the first time I saw Santa in a parade!

Saturday: no specific timeline
breakfast in a ramekin with an English muffin, spinach, bacon and an egg.
finish the Christmas lights outside. We need an outdoor bow and 2 floodlights (one for Santa and one for the reindeer)
Whole Foods for dinner fixings. Here's the request:
  • Iceberg Wedge Salad with bleu cheese/ranch dressing, cherry tomatoes and bacon crumbles
  • Petite Fillet Mignon with an herb Bearnaise sauce and sauteed mushrooms
  • Potato and Thyme latkes with thyme and chive sour cream
  • Homemade cherry pie
I guess I will be cooking all afternoon!

Sunday, Chris has requested a lazy day of watching Christmas movies in comfy clothes. I haven't told him yet, but he's on his own on that one! I have some shopping and cleaning to do! Although, I am sure I can find time for a movie or two! There are 24 hours in a day, after all.

Sounds fun and festive to me!

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  1. Can I move in with you guys? It all sounds wonderful, and I know first-hand how difficult it is make a December birthday "special" but I would say you pulled it off well.

    The river neighbors once tried that pear disgusting, pretty, but really bad. It must not have been that bad for Chris, as I remember he proposed during Christmas and after all, he did marry into the McFarlane family.

    Have a great week.