Friday, December 17, 2010

I Wish Every Day was a Ski Day!

Yesterday was the best Colorado ski day I think I have ever had. Or maybe I just enjoyed it the most. Regardless, our winter storm was a no-show, but did leave 7 inches of new powder in Breckenridge. With perfectly sunny skies and 25 degrees with calm winds, you really can't ask for more. Here are some photos from our journey to 11,000 feet!
I couldn't resist the view. We are in the shadow of the mountain and the puffs of clouds.

Chris passed a semi just as I was about to snap a picture of the
Eisenhower Tunnel, elevation 11,158 feet sign.

The entrance to the tunnel.

The base of Peak 8. Elevation 9,950 feet above sea level.

Peak 7. My favorite place. Elevation, 11,095 feet!

And after a long day of near-perfection, this is me on the Gondola headed back to the car. I know the goggles are HUGE in this picture, but they are sitting on top of my helmet...and after all, the Gondola was moving. Chris is only so good with an iPhone camera in moving objects!


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. These pictures really make me miss Colorado.

  2. I will ski with you. Do they have newborn baby bunny hills in Colorado?