Monday, August 22, 2011

If I had only known

Well, the summer of run has officially concluded.  And what a half marathon that was.  Not only did we gain an additional 2,500 feet in elevation just being in Vail, but the info on the race LIED to us.  Just outright lied.  The race packet and all literature said this about the race:  " As you run in the valley you will experience some rolling elevations but the route is designed with no sharp climbs.   You will however, experience the best of the mountain experience with runners enjoying views of the Gore and Holy Cross Mountain Ranges, running adjacent to Gore Creek and Holy Cross Wilderness, plus running through the iconic Vail and Lionshead Villages, finishing at Ford Park and being given a medal, flower and a flute of champagne by a handsome mountain hunk.  This event begins at an altitude of 8,247 ft but it is most flat with a total elevation gain of only 331 ft!"

What they really wanted to say was "steep pitches and knee-wrecking, scrambling downhills between the gentle rolling hills."  Holy COW!  For those of you familiar with my parent's property, for the last 3 miles, the so-called "gentle rolling hills" were like running up the hill from the river to the house then back down, TEN TIMES!!!

The other lie they told:  the flower and flute of campaign handed to us by a "handsome mountain hunk" was really handed to us by the mothers and guests of some of the runners.  None of whom were male. 

However, don't get me wrong. We had a great time!  And by that, I mean a lot of fun.  Our finishing time was 2:46:57.  That's almost 7 minutes SLOWER than our half in May.  But, that's OK. 

Do you remember when I posted about my goal for this race was to finish and not need a medic and the stipulation I put on that?  What I actually wrote was, "Rather than just finish, I want to finish without needing a medic.  At that altitude, I am not sure what to expect.  But unless the medic looks like John Stamos with a voice like Matthew McConaughey, I don't want to meet him (or her)." 

I wish I had needed the Medic.  It wasn't John Stamos or Matthew McConaughey, but it was Ryan Sutter.  For any Bachelor/Bachelorette fans out there, he's just as pretty in person.  And very kind.  I mean VERY kind.  After Lisa and I finished, we were standing in front of the Champagne tent and he walked up, touched my arm and asked if I was OK.  My response was, "Hi."  Seriously.   That's the best I could come up with?    I made the pretty man ask me again, fumbled my words and ended with "hi, thanks." 

And to make matters funnier, I had my camera/phone in my hand but didn't take a picture.  In Lisa's words, "if I had known he was going to be the medic, I would have crawled over the finish line!"  So, the race page website will have to be my proof that I really did meet the guy and that he really is that handsome!  See for yourself here.

 All in all, it was a great weekend.  Lots of girl time, lots of giggles, great food, fun times, and best of all, realizing that you've got the perfect friend when you say "I love napkins" and she knows that you mean pancakes. 



  1. Awesome, Jenna! Congratulations on completing it (and getting to see Ryan at the end...I'm guessing I wouldn't have even managed a "Hi"!)

  2. Congrats! But really, you couldn't fake a knee injury or something? :)