Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ruff Life

NOTE:  I just found this in my drafts.  Looks like I meant to publish this on August 4 2011.  Too cute to delete!

Our beagle LOVES to be warm.  I mean warm in the sense that it can be 100 degrees outside and she wants to be wrapped up in a blanket while sitting in the sun.  In the mornings, we have our routine of getting up, running outside to do business and quickly running back in the house and straight to the dining room where there is an absolutely perfect sunbeam that comes through the windows.

This week, we are all having some struggles with our allergies.  Abby (the beagle) suffers the worst which, in turn, makes us suffer.  Between the snoring that could rival a bear in hibernation (assuming bears snore when they in cartoons) and the snarfing (which is technically called a reverse cough or sneeze), she's been keeping us up at night.  So last night I drugged her.  One magic Benadryl pill and we all sleep well.

Well, Abby overslept today.  She stayed in bed until almost 10:00 am.  Then it was the normal morning routine, run outside to do business and right back in to catch the sunbeam.  Only today, this is what she ran in to:

By the time the darn dog was able to be awake for more than 10 minutes, her sunbeam was gone.  Is that not the most pathetic face you've ever seen?  I, for a fleeting moment, felt so bad for her.  But not so bad that I couldn't exploit her sorrow just a little.


  1. What a great story. Poor Abby will never be able to figure that out.

  2. The picture is great, but the supporting story is even better, poor Abby/

    Good for you and Chris. We ALL need our sleep, least we be cranky!