Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camera woes

I haven't been very good about blogging lately.  Mostly because I haven't had much interesting to say and never want this to turn into a forum for the airing of the grievances unless said airing evokes laughter from others!  What's really on my mind is that I like to read blogs with pictures, and I haven't had any pictures to share recently.  Mostly because our only camera is attached to a cell phone and those just aren't fun to take.  By the time you launch the app, the moment has usually passed.  So on the docket for our next big purchase is a camera.  A really good camera.  And a few classes on how to take incredible pictures.

Chris and I are headed to Key Largo in exactly 32 days and would love nothing more than to start experimenting with the camera on that trip.  Ideally, by the time we go to Seattle to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in October, I'd like to be pretty well versed in what works and what doesn't and how to decipher camera settings.

So, all my blogger friends, I know you all take wonderful pictures and have been on a similar camera hunt. I am not looking for one of those "fits in an Altoid's box" digital cameras or something that Ashton Kutcher endorses.  I want a real, honest-to-goodness, may be a bit of a hassle to carry around, heavy around my neck, with interchangeable lenses, at-home-expert cameras.

Can you help me?  What camera are you using and do you love it?  If you do, what do you love about it, and if you don't love it, what are its shortcomings and what do you wish you had in stead?

Thanks for the feedback :-)


  1. This sounds like a Lisa K question. She loves the camera she got for Christmas and she takes great pictures. I only use my phone camera these days as Kellie and Lisa have the camera's and talent to use them.

    Good luck, two great trips in less that 3 months, great, great, great!

  2. Nikon...I'd say D90 would be a good bet, unless you want the grand daddy version that Lisa has (which she can tell you about). We have two lenses (a zoom and a prime)...happy to tell you more details if you like. I love ours (D80, which they don't make anymore, but d90 is closest, and it's perfect for me). Not too much I don't like about it actually! Good luck...I've found photography learning to be so fun. I hope to see some pics on your blog soon:)

  3. Hi Jenna,
    I also shoot with a Nikon. Ours is a bit older even than the one that Kellie mentioned above that she has. We have the D70 which they also don't make was a wedding gift from a group of friends 7 years ago. At the time I was overwhelmed with it, being my first digital camera, but now I love it. We also have two lenses. The prime lens (that came with the camera body) and a 50mm f1.8d lens that is awesome for taking portraits and close-ups......I have heard people call this lens their "knifty fifty".
    I do have a few friends who have Cannon DSLR cameras and love them too....I am just familiar with the Nikon because that is what we have.
    Have fun deciding and taking pictures. I know I have so much fun with it.

  4. Hi!! I use a NIkon D90 also (50mm lens)....I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!( you might be able to find used) it is so easy to use, and YES its heavy and a pain, but I love it so much I dont care, I also use a Sony point and shoot which also takes GREAT pics!