Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To cut or not to cut

My hair is as long as it has been in a REALLY long time. Chris is loving it. Me, well, let's just say that I love it out of my face and in some version of a ponytail or bun or something. I have been trying to get my hair cut for three weeks and for one reason or another it has been rescheduled four times. So, with the sun shining today, I know weather will not be the excuse. However, if my stylist is still sick, then she'll probably cancel on me...again.

So, here's my conundrum. I hate feeling my ponytail wave back and forth when I run so I put it lower and usually into a bun. When my hair is up all the time it breaks the curls and my really fine hair so I end up with lots of frizzies and split ends. However, I have tried short hair and with all these really tight ringlet curls I end up looking more like a drawing of Little Orphan Annie than someone trying to get a bank to buy into my ideas.

I also have to factor in that I will be traveling for work some and in early April I will be in Florida for almost a week. For most women, that's a non-issue. For those of us with super curly hair, the poses a styling challenge. My curls shrink about 2" in length. So I don't know that short is the way to go. I need a little length to accommodate for the shrinkage.

What do you think of these styles? Or email me a picture of something you think I should try!


  1. I really like the top picture of you. Who is that lovely woman next to you??? Remember, hair always grows. I have liked a little shorter on you for a long time.

    Good luck. Whatever you decide it will be cute.

  2. I agree with your mom....and that is even before I read her comments:) Go for it! Either way, your smile always makes me smile.

  3. It's not helpful, but I like them both. I love curls, of course because I don't have them. Long or short, you wear them well! Change can be fun (I just took 4-5 inches off of my always grows back).