Friday, February 18, 2011

Date Night - February

Tomorrow night we have planned to have our second official fancy dishes, dining room, no hockey, no phones, no TV, jazz music, new food date night. Only this time we want to spend less than we would if we had gone out. Last month we failed in that department.

So, taking a cue from my friend, Lisa and her Frugal-Lisa-Friday, I opened the pantry and took inventory, then set out on a quest to find new ways to use old ingredients. Here's the list of what we have on hand (in addition to the standards like olive oil, flour and sugar, etc.):
2 Lemons
Feta Cheese
An Onion
Fresh Parmesan Cheese
Black Tea
White Wine
Red Wine

The shopping list (we haven't made final decisions yet on the protein yet!)
Crimini mushrooms
Powdered Sugar--I'm out!
butter--out of that too
eggs--see above!

And now, for the big reveal: THE MEAL!!

Wilted Spinach Salad with Warm Feta Dressing and Caramelized Onions
Lamb on the Gill (not sure on cut or seasoning yet)
Quinoa Risotto with Thyme and Mushrooms
and for dessert...Arnold Palmer cupcakes.

Like the beverage of 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 iced tea.
Only a cupcake! And garnished a straw...NO JOKE!

I don't typically like lamb of any kind, but Chris has been begging to try some. He really likes it and has only cooked it once because I don't eat it. Since the Quinoa is both a carb and a complete protein, I though this would be a good night to give it a try...if I don't like it I will at least get some protein in before my 4 miler on Sunday.


  1. Enjoy! (Glad someone got something from my post!)

  2. I like lamb so the menu sounds wonderful. Very creative use of what you have on hand.

    Somehow these types of dinners are really more about the one-on-one, no- tech time together than the food. Enjoy it all and stay in the moment.

  3. I can't wait to try the cupcakes. I have the straws!

  4. YUMM!! What are Arnold Palmer Cupcakes??