Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Snow Post

I sold my soul to mother nature in return for a super cute, red, down-filled, Eddie Bauer winter coat. Mother Nature, or in this case, my husband, was nice enough to buy the jacket for me in return for the promise of shoveling for the rest of the season. I had already spent all my spending money until pay day,but I really wanted that coat. And we don't get that much snow, right?!?!

That was at 1:30 Saturday afternoon. Since then, we have received about 18 inches of snow and I have shoveled 3 times.

The guy two doors down has a snow blower. He is also very friendly. He waved and smiled at me this morning as I moved 10 inches of heavy snow off the driveway. I smiled and "waved" back. It's a good think I wear mittens rather than gloves...he may have put the snow back in my driveway.


  1. Consider it cross-training???? That is a lot of snow. My niece who lives in the mountains near you posted that she will soon not be able to see out of her living room window.

    Did the mittens come with your coat?

  2. Seems to me that you ought to buy another shovel for Chris and let him wear the red jacket half the time. Oh, maybe that will not work out so well. But begging for a shovel buddy to get it done in half the time might do the trick. Good luck with that!

    Love the mitten trick.

  3. It's one of my favorite ways to workout- peaceful. (In moderation of course.)