Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You know you are doing alright when...

The trainer leading the class at the gym pulls you aside and says, "Jenna, I am so proud of you.  Look at your heart rate!  You are recovering so quickly... athletes work long and hard to get to this point and you just had a baby 14 months ago!"

She called me an athlete.  I think I recovered quickly and had to work harder to get my heart rate up in the first place because I was on the spin bike. I HATE that thing.  But talk about awesome cross training.  And who cares.  I am an athlete that had a baby 14 months ago.  I'll take it all as a compliment :-)


  1. You should be proud. Can't wait for you and michigan Lisa to run and do all that runner-talk.

    I think people forget how hard having a baby is on a mommy physically, you have come a long way in 14 months. Athlete indeed.


  2. You have always had a lot of gumption and drive. So proud of you!